List of the Best Single Door Refrigerators in the Indian Market


One of the most significant appliances in your kitchen is the refrigerator. It keeps the veggies and food fresh with tastes intact for a longer time. You can get a single door refrigerator or a double door one depending on your usage. However, the single doors are preferred as they are more affordable and compact. 

Coming from flagship brands, single door refrigerators have a variable price range, depending on the features. Now, you can get top single door refrigerators in India with best-in-class features without worrying about the cost! For, Bajaj Finserv has come with an easy EMI financing option. 

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When purchasing on the EMI Network, one can enjoy flexible repayment tenure which ranges from 3 months to 24 months.      

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So, your budget limit gets resolved without difficulty.

Check out the best single door refrigerators here – 

  • Samsung 192L single door refrigerator 

Launched during early summer of 2018, this fridge is soon going to be the bestseller. Having a capacity of 192L, this fits perfectly for a nuclear family’s requirement. As Samsung has one of the best after-sales-services worldwide, you need not worry about faults. It’s Royal Tendril Red color makes it visually stunning too! You can invest in this model which is priced at around Rs. 13,000. 

  • LG 190L single door fridge

High quality and efficient after-sales service make LG a family brand. This LG refrigerator model has a well-built structure with ornate floral prints endorsing its external surface. Don’t worry about your electricity bills as this model has a 4-star energy rating which ensures the consumption of 164 units of electricity. This fridge consists of a smart inverter compressor which provides users with energy-efficient performance.

Moreover, its moist balance crisper at the bottom lets you stock veggies and fruits compactly. This single door refrigerator from LG is valued under Rs. 15,000.  

  • Whirlpool 190L direct cool single door fridge

You can store your entire week’s food in this refrigerator! This whirlpool model comprises an in-built stabilizer which helps it to function during high voltage instabilities. It has a large vegetable crisper along with additional shelves. Moreover, its anti-bacterial gasket helps the fridge to maintain hygiene. It can be removed and cleaned easily. This model is priced at around Rs. 15,000. 

  • Haier 220L direct cool single door fridge

This single door refrigerator comes with a definitive lighting system construed within. It offers a compact design having adjustable feet, crispers for veggies and premium chiller cubicles. Additionally, this fridge is 4 stars rated and consumes merely 168 units which save a lot on your electricity bill. The model also comprises a 1-hour ice feature that produces ice within 60 minutes! It comes in a Brushline Silver color which can amplify the aesthetics of your kitchen.  

  • Godrej RD Edge Digi 212 PD 4.2

This single door refrigerator from Godrej has a storage volume of 212 liters and consists of photosensor control, defrost control mode and a digitally controlled compressor facility. Compared to other direct cooling fridges, this one comes with a promise of offering 50% faster frosting. It also possesses the anti-bacterial facility that lets you keep your foods and veggies fresh and fungus free. The model has a sleek design with attractive floral prints on its body.        

It’s currently priced at around Rs. 22,000 which you can purchase conveniently on easy EMIs.    

Apart from the single door refrigerators, you can also get a multi-door refrigerator according to your requirement. Some of the premium models are – 

  • Whirlpool frost-free multi-door refrigerator (240L)
  • Haier 3 star frost-free double door fridge (335L)
  • Hitachi invert frost-free multi-door fridge (456L)

These are high-end premium products starting at a price of Rs. 30,000. 

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