Looking To Buy Coloured Contacts? Read This First


It is never easy to trade up your glasses for contact lenses. You are never sure which are best for you if you are a teenager. So how one care for them? Or do they hurt in the eyes? It is alright to speculate and ask questions, it is great that you are concerned about your eyes. After all eye contacts are medical devices and should be worn with proper precaution. You should realize the importance of care and commitment is required in wearing contact lenses before you buy them.

You could buy contact lenses for different purposes too, such as for vision correction or just crazy contact lenses which are used for Halloween and parties, a good example of such lens would be blind contact lenses. But, it is also important that you take due precaution before you buy lenses and research about them. Here we are going to discuss that.

Come to your eye doctor appointment prepared.

It is mandatory to have your eyes examined before you can buy contact lenses. When you visit your doctor make sure your eyes and face is cleaned properly and you have no make up or mascara anywhere. This will allow the doctor to have a proper examination of your eyes.

Understand what the process will be like.

The doctor will just have a simple examination nothing more. He/she will ask about your lifestyle, your medical history and things like that. They will then examine your eyes and provide you certain type of lens based on their examination and will allow it to settle down so that you feel comfortable with them.

Just about everyone can wear contacts, even if you have astigmatism.

Anyone can wear contacts, even those diagnosed with astigmatism. There are daily disposable contact available for astigmatism also. It is just a nonsense myth that contacts or soft lenses are not right for people with astigmatism. There are even one day lenses for astigmatism available exclusively, such is the advancement in the technology with regards to contact lenses.

Coloured contacts to change eye colour requires same care as prescription and regular lenses.

It doesn’t matter if they are coloured contacts or not, if you are placing them on your eyes then they are medical devices, they would require the same care and precaution as prescription lenses. People usually think that they are different and you see them share their coloured contacts which harnesses damning results, people sharing your coloured contacts such as blind contact lenses have the potential to literally blind you, never share your lenses with anyone.

Keep your case in tip top condition.

There is a proper procedure with regards to the care and maintenance of your contact lenses’s case. You have to keep the case in top condition, every time you are to place your lenses in the case you have to wash it with hot water and rinse it with the solution and let it dry and then put the lenses in them and fill it with the solution. People usually take their cases for granted and treat them quite improperly. Also, keep changing your cases frequently, everything depreciates with time and you have to replace them eventually.

Don’t let your contacts get wet.

When you are showering and swimming with your lenses on there is an organism known as Acanthameoba, this is very rare, but once in a while it gets into your water supply and get inside your showers, hot tubs and pools. It affects everyone those who wear contacts and those who do not, but it is more prevalent, quite significantly in those who wear contacts compared to those who do not wear them. It is believed that the organism attaches itself with the lens and gets inside the eye, it is known to damaging the cornea of the eye but has treatments available.

If you accidentally sleep in them, don’t try to take them off right away.

Sometimes you will forget and sleep while your contacts still on your eyes, human error. When you wake up, stay calm, pour some wetting drops in your eyes and then remove the lenses. If you remove them immediately, the lenses would be dry and they may cause abrasion. In the case where you start feeling pain in your eyes or your eyes go red then quickly see the doctor.

“No Rub” solutions are an absolute NO.

Any solution which emphasizes that there is no need to rub the lenses should be avoided. It is now getting clear that it is in fact the rubbing of the lens which cleans it from any deposits and harmful particles.

If you can’t get your contacts out, stay calm. There are times when you wouldn’t be able to remove the lens or find it. In such cases, remember not to panic as this may cause more damage than solve the issue. Contact your doctor and visit him/her, they will look at it with a microscope and remove them easily.