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Luxury Catamarans

Are you thinking about enjoying a dream vacation, aboard a catamaran that offers you good comfort, power, and above all, great stability in navigation and anchoring? You are in the right place; catamaran rental is without a doubt the best option for you.

The catamaran offers you greater stability in navigation, than a monohull, offering a platform that does not move from side to side with small waves. Therefore, there is less possibility of dizziness for crew members, which is also excellent for people who usually get dizzy in their first experiences aboard a boat.

It makes life on board more pleasant, such as cooking, eating, sleeping, and it is also stable in docked or anchored.

As for the luminosity, being the central cabin elevated above the helmets, a great luminosity is enjoyed. In addition, when entering the room, you do not enter a darker and deeper place, but directly from the command post to a bright and spacious room. Also in terms of ventilation, being in a high central cabin on the hulls, greater ventilation is enjoyed because the air runs much more. This is much appreciated during hot weather.

There is also very useful ventilation for the kitchen that is usually in the central hall. Economy, since there is less motor consumption, having the narrowest hulls and less draft (smaller surface in contact with water), catamarans tend to slide more easily; in short, they consume less to achieve the same speed as a monocoque of equivalent weight and motorization.

Catamaran Rental with Luxury Catamaran

By renting a catamaran, you can enjoy the experience of sailing aboard one of these fabulous boats, in the most paradisiacal places in Spain, Greece, British Virgin Islands, and other destinations.

In Luxury Catamaran, catamaran rental is easy, you can find fleets adapted to all budgets. You decide the price that suits you best, the size and if you want to patronize the boat or even better hire the services of a pilot that ensures your safety and teaches you those secret corners that only they know, you can do it quietly.

Write to the owner of the catamaran that you like, you can send them a message if you have any questions about the catamaran rental and book online easily. See you soon navigator!