Making Your Instagram Profile Attractive: Tips to Follow


Instagram is one of the ideal social networking platforms for promoting your products or services or increasing your popularity. This is going to happen only if your Instagram profile is beautiful and the photos that you are posting are not only credible but also interesting and unique. Instagram is responsible for pushing a particular person to develop the ideal aesthetics of their brand. It is not really easy to make your profile attractive especially considering the competition that is constantly going around. However, in order to be successful, it is mandatory that you have knowledge as to how you can make your profile worth visiting. According to, almost 95 million posts are posted on Instagram daily. 

If you are confused, you can consider the list of the tips that have been mentioned below and make your Instagram profile stand out. 

Take inspiration from the profiles you like

Before you start posting anything on Instagram, it is crucial that you conduct a preparatory work. It is obvious that you already have a brand that you like or a particular profile that interests and intrigues you. It is important that you go through the profile once and understand the strategies and tactics that they are using for gaining customers as well as making their profile look presentable. It is a good idea to take inspiration from people or profile that you like. However, ensure that you are not copying. You should only take creative ideas and try to create something unique. 

Experiment with colors

There is not a single person who does not like colors. However, it is suggested that you maintain color consistency and do not end up making your Instagram account look like a rainbow. A simple and popular way of making your account stylish is by choosing a particular color theme and posting photos accordingly. Try to repeat the colors by using different shades, filters, as well as objects. A proper color theme can help in making your profile stand out and look unique. 

Use the chessboard effect

The chessboard theme is not only impressive but it is also capable of engaging a user and makes him decide whether he wants to consider the image and the message that the image conveys. This can be done by making use of two alternate colors. Also, you have the option of interleaving texts and images. This will make your Instagram extremely informative as well as interesting, and in addition, your profile will become even more attractive and attract followers.

Shift borders

Instagram has a system of square images; however, you have the option of turning this square interface into any other interesting form. You also have the option of changing the aspect ratios. You can make the entire frame white by adding white margins both at the top as well as the bottom of your photo. This will help in increasing the popularity of your account.


If your Instagram profile is dull and boring, you are going to lose your existing followers and new followers are not going to come. Ensure that you are following the tips that have been mentioned above so that your profile becomes interesting.  You can visit to gain more likes as well.