Marketo Features – Undeniable Help Right At Your Fingertips For Now


It was in the year 2006 that Marketo first came into being and it has emerged to be a leading form of marketing automation platform with over 2300 customers and it comprises of more than 100,000 users on the global count. Even though the competition is pretty tough, which makes Marketo the leading option is that there are various B2B players with the ability to just simplify the present marketing procedure and streamline various marketing based tasks. It helps in improving efficiency and can further garner some more revenues for the said users.

Simplicity at its best to say the least:

Thanks to easy usage and simplicity at its best, this program is known for its flexibility and even sophisticated interface. It will help the users to actually do just anything and everything, and it helps in achieving some major results.

  • Marketo is no doubt a comprehensive platform, which will help in growing with your business you are working with. Other than just the basic marketing automation, it can prove to be rather instrumental in some of the areas like marketing management and customer engagement marketing.
  • This source can further present you with some real-time personalization as some of the added features to consider. It will help the users to actually add own touch to the system and make them pretty suitable to their preferences and requirements as well.
  • This platform comes with its drag and drop option, which is not just simple to use but won’t require users to have any HTML skills to create professional based email templates. Moreover, email marketing is pretty easy to do as users can always send emails depending on time, action and series of pre-defined steps.
  • You even get the opportunity to send emails through this program after installing with some social components like forwarding to Friend function. It comes with email testing as well in case you are planning to try out multiple contents to want to change the content dynamically to make some proper fit situations.

Running down the common features:

Before you plan to start working on Marketo, it is really important to just run down some of the common Marketo features available in here. This section helps in providing broad functions including landing pages, email marketing, and campaign management. It can even work well with lead lifecycle management and lead scoring or nurturing.

  • You can take the help of Marketo if you want to address services revolving around CRM integration, marketing analytics, and social marketing capabilities.
  • Each vendor is known to have various capabilities and strengths across these noted categories. Sometimes, you need help with online or email marketing and this firm knows the right drill to follow.
  • To cover up lead generation using simple steps, this point is the one for you to consider. It can also deal with marketing programs and social marketing as some of the added bonus rounds from this program.

Capabilities and features of CRM versus marketing automation:

The time has come for you to take one comprehensive look into some of the specified capabilities related to the marketing automation system when compared to the current value of CRM alone in here. You can start with the common features of CRM first and then lead to marketing automation, to understand the differences.

  • CRM comprises of account management and opportunity management and the marketing automation has the “read-only” option for both.
  • Additionally, CRM comprises of sales forecasting and opportunity management, which is hard to get from marketing automation. Some of the other features CRM has and marketing automation doesn’t are quotes, contracts and case management.
  • Another read-only option under marketing automation happens to be call logging, with a resounding yes from CRM. Other features that both CRM and marketing automation have are document library, channel management and collaboration to name a few.
  • On the other hand, batch email marketing is pretty common in marketing automation. It has the ability to work on some WYSIWYG emails and some newsletters, which comprises of easily usable design tools. You now get the chance to send emails to groups of prospects and customers and get to track down on deliveries.
  • Another interesting feature got to be email deliverability and the field of reputation management. Sending emails simply will not impact revenue if emails don’t make it to the inboxes of recipients. As marketing automation replaces ESP, the vendor is the one over here to offer services and functions to ensure proper inbox delivery.
  • This form of service will always include bounce handling, opt-in management, unsubscribe processing and even that of suppression lists. There are other high-end services available like dedicated IP addresses and some extra capabilities like spam checking, email preview, delivery monitoring, and link validation.

Online marketing features by your side:

When it comes to online marketing, Marketo always has its share of roles to play. Now, you must be wondering about the features revolving around the online marketing trend. To know more about that, some points are listed below:

  • Marketo helps in creating customized landing pages and lead capture forms for some specified marketing campaigns. It helps to maximize conversion and capture the right qualifying information.
  • Another interesting feature got to be related to dynamic content. This content helps in customizing emails, forms, and even landing pages for specified sections of prospects and customers.
  • You could even get your hands on A/B testing, where you get the chance to test the alternate versions of landing pages, emails, and forms. Jared J Davis, you can learn what will work for you and get to maximize the response rate and increase the conversion.

Marketo has its share of user header and footer code for creating cookies. It helps in tracking down the actions constantly online for gathering valuable information. It helps in building active customer profiles. By choosing this present criterion in here, you can always speak to these specified people in an exclusive range over here. So, if you are trying to work your way out with this program, better get knowledge over the features first for a change.