Merits and Demerits of The Norton Antivirus in 2019


Norton is a well-known brand in the world for antivirus software; it provides various top features which are crucial for protecting your system from various internet threats and dangerous malware. It is a reliable antivirus which never fails to satisfy its user and provides good security to the device. But like other software, Norton also has some pros and cons.

 Let’s discuss the merits of Norton antivirus in 2019:

Smart scan with an excellent virus detection rate

Norton Antivirus has the best virus detection rate. Norton not only detects the virus but also remove them quickly. It makes sure that no virus affects your device and network. Norton.Com/Setup has real-time virus detection which protects your device from new threats.

Regular Updates

With growing technology, numerous harmful malware are emerging day by day. Norton provides regular updates so your device does not have to suffer from any kind of loss. It also gives you automatic update feature which updates your Norton antivirus quickly when the new update arrives. Data Science. 

Excellent Firewall

Norton antivirus offers excellent firewall which provides an extra layer of security to your network. Your device also provides you inbuilt firewall but your inbuilt firewall mostly focuses on incoming traffic. It checks the incoming network and blocks the network if it finds anything suspicious in the data packets. But Norton firewall monitors both incoming and outgoing traffic. Norton firewall checks the incoming data packets actively and makes sure that no malicious data packet enters in your network. It also checks the outgoing packet from your device and holds the traffic immediately if it finds any unauthentic data transfer from your device and prevents data-theft practices.

VPN Protection

Using a VPN is very necessary when you are using your device for the internet on a public network. Public networks are highly insecure and can get you into various threats. You should avoid using a public network. But sometimes, usually when you are traveling; using the public network is the only option for accessing the internet. At that situation, using a VPN is the best choice for securing your network. Norton VPN encrypts the data and sends it with a secure channel which makes sure that your data is fully protected. It also masks the IP address so nobody can find your actual address.

Gaming mode

Getting pop-ups and alerts while playing online is bothering. Norton offers gaming mode for hardcore gamers. While you play games or watch movies on full screens; Norton’s gaming mode mutes all the alerts and updates pop-ups. You can play games and watch movies peacefully with Norton.

Demerits of Norton

System Impact

Every software program has some amount of system impact because the software needs space and various resources for performing its task. In the case of Norton, it has more system impact than various other antivirus software programs. But it is also true that Norton also offering more number of features than any other antivirus program.

Norton’s First Scan

Norton’s first scan is usually slow. You may have lots of malicious files in your device. Norton checks the whole device one by one hence it takes lots of time to scan your device completely.

Un-installation issues

There are some issues in uninstalling Norton. Likewise, other software does not leave traces after un-installation. In the case of Norton, removing all Norton program files with just uninstalling it is difficult. Sometimes, you may have to remove various Norton files manually.