Recently, some news leaked from an ultra-conservative football league commonly known as the NFL. The league had banned all forms of marijuana usage across its competition. However, it has been leaked that the league is deliberating on lifting the ban that stops players from using cannabis. The league has been giving serious consideration to the booming acceptance of legalized marijuana. The challenge, however, is sorting out all the complex details that have to do with marijuana remaining illegal at the federal level.

A recent report from NBC’s Pro Football Talk indicated that the National Football League is deliberating adjustments to all its policies on marijuana. The current policy is that no players are allowed to use marijuana for any reason. These adjustments have been scheduled for the next season, when the league collates the next combined bargaining treaty with its players. The current agreement that maintains the marijuana ban will remain in place until the end of the 2020 season.

The report stated that according to a reliable source in the league, the NFL is ready to make vital concessions relating to the abuse of substance policy. These concessions will focus on the relation of this policy to marijuana.

When it comes to adjusting the cannabis approach, the NFL may be moving slowly; however, it is much faster than the US Congress. Cannabis is now legal for medical and recreational purposes in 33 states.


The current disposition of past NFL players on lifting the marijuana ban for its players has had no effect on the current football season. Some past players are advocating that when it comes to treating pain, marijuana should be considered as an alternative to opioids. Every player of the NFL has had to deal with pain at one point or another. Check Berkshire CBD for amazing cannabis products.

A legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback is among the many players advocating for the use of marijuana in managing pain.


Truthfully, the opinions of previous stars advocating for the use of marijuana alongside the legalization of marijuana in most states has had some impact on the league. However, the NFL considers marijuana as a complex matter. Not changing the status of marijuana from Schedule 1 of the CSA (Controlled Substances Act) by Congress has made it difficult for the NFL to craft marijuana into its policy. This is even more difficult to change since Republicans are still in control of the Senate.

The regulation of marijuana is carried out by a patchwork quilt of state laws. These laws put the National Football League in a difficult position. They can go ahead and permit the usage of marijuana for players under the law of the state where the game is being played. However, NBC reported that this will influence a lot of free agents to move to states where marijuana is legal.

The NFL can also decide to permit the use of marijuana altogether and discontinue its testing on the use of cannabis.