Parenting during the pandemic

Parenting during the pandemic

One boon that the recent pandemic has brought is, getting time to spend with our family and kids. All the days that are lost in work and commute are now getting compensated. And now, when you watch your kids fall asleep, fills your heart in wonder how they grew up so fast. The pandemic has brought a balance in work & personal life. With work from home option, many can give time to their child’s development and household chores.

It also means that the children now are getting ample time to spend with their parents. However, in recent times it is turning out to be a bane for the parents. They are trying to manage their work stress along with household chores and children’s online classes. How many caps can one possibly wear for long?

Both parents, as well as children, have been accustomed to having some time away from each other. But due to lockdown, where everyone is getting to stay with each other for a period is creating a ruckus. Then how do we solve this parenting issue? Here are some of the tips that you can use to each other engaged,

Signing up for online classes

There are a lot of educational programs available online for the kids to enroll in. From science to mathematics to arts, any subject you ask, you get! One advantage of applying for online classes is that you don’t have to stick to the curriculum that usually schools provide. Your kid doesn’t have to sit through the subject that they don’t enjoy. It also gives you an additional benefit to getting to know your kid’s strengths and concentrate on that subject.

If your kid is not interested in learning their curriculum, you can enroll them in these classes that are available online. These fun & interactive sessions will help the kids to show interest in the subjects. Established websites like Amazon are providing free computer science courses for the different graders. National Geographic for Kids is providing free online quizzes ranging from animals to planets to sports and food.

Create routines and maintain them

When things go haywire, it is easier to let things loose. How many tasks can you possibly control? However, when you set some routine with yourself and your kids, it creates a comfortable environment for everybody. Teach your kids about the virus and how to take precautions to prevent it. Even if your child doesn’t have school to attend to, maintain their bedtime and wake-up routines. 

Creating routines gives us a sense of predictability and thus, we feel like we are in control of things. While you set a timetable for your children, it is also vital that you create one for yourself too. A corresponding routine between you and your children will ensure that everyone gets time for themselves.

Help your kids with their education

It is no surprise that many schools have begun to take classes over the internet. They are constantly providing kids with homework and projects. It is the school’s initiative to keep their pupil busy at home while still being taught with their curriculum. Help your kids with their school syllabus. It will fetch you a chance to understand how your kid is progressing in their grade. Join along with other parents to exchange tips and tricks on how to keep your kids engaged.

Connect with the teacher to guide you with an individual learning plan. Your kid’s teacher understands the strengths and weaknesses of your child, so get to know what those are. There is a greater chance that you can’t find the contacts of the resources you’re searching for your kid. Worry no more! An email search tool is always helpful when you need to find much-needed contacts. is an email search tool that can help you find contacts of any professional around the world. With the help of this website, you can have the email address of any person of a given educational academy. It will get you direct access to them instead of applying from a general email address. also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. So, when you search for any educator on this professional media, you will also be able to access their contact email address. Utilize this tool to help your kids with their online education!