Partner With Other Instagram Accounts For A Better Business Marketing

Create And Push Better Instagram

With the use of the useful aps and tools you can create an absolutely rock Instagram marketing campaign. Well, simply using these tools may not provide the results as desired until you follow the specific steps for achieving your marketing goals. There are a few tried and tested tips and advice that you should follow in order to make your efforts pay.

Ideally, Instagram is a platform that can offer you tremendous growth just has it has after its launch. Due to the tremendous growth of Instagram, in fact, the Instagram community has grown to over 800 million users this last year.

However, in spite of its impressive reach, unfortunately there are several business owners who are still ignoring its marketing potential. Consequently, they are losing on many different things such as:

  • A big chunk of Instagram followers
  • A high level of engagement
  • Opportunity to create a better brand awareness
  • Their sales prospects and even their business profit on the table.

If you do not want to be one of these losing business owners, follow this essential guide to useInstagram for your business marketing.

The reasons that you should use Instagram for your business are that the followers can be easily transformed into your email subscribers and you can increase the number of traffic to your site thereby increasing your sales prospects.

Helps in promotion

Instagram marketing really works for any type of business and therefore now is the time for you to indulge in it to build your business and your brand.

You can use the new Promote feature of Instagram if you have a healthy advertising budget. This feature will cost you money but it will also help you to boost up your top performing posts instantly through paid ads. The good thing about this feature is that:

  • Instagram will offer suggestions about which posts you should promote
  • You can use the data from the Insights feature in order to identify all those posts that are truly performing
  • You can also customize the targeting options to have total control over how little or much you want to spend on your ads to promote the content and  
  • You can plan your future moves according to the market you have targeted.

When you have your contents promoted, it will further let you to add a proper and compelling call to action in the post. This will either drive more traffic to a specific page on your site or trigger a phone call.

Ways to build your business and brand

You can use Instagram in a plethora of surprising ways through which you can build our business and brand.

  • First, you will need to grow your Instagram following. This will need you to establish strategic partnerships which however is one of the biggest frustrations for most of the marketers. Mostly it is seen that business owners do delve into Instagram but unfortunately, they do not know how to build a larger following. However, this is a very important aspect because without having a large number of followers it will not be possible to create an effective marketing channel.
  • Second, you must believe that growing a fan following is not as difficult as you think. If you partner with other Instagram accounts, the complicacies involved in this will be easily and effectively eliminated. It will be now just a matter of time to grow your Instagram following to a substantial number. If you are still confused then take help of professionals to Blastup your fan following on Instagram.

All you have to do to ensure this is create a list of the most popular Instagram accounts but make sure that you choose only those that reach out to your target audience. Once you have found these accounts, you can then partner with them. This is called “shout-outs,” and these can be either paid or unpaid.

About the unpaid shout-outs

Typically, the unpaid shout-outs are also called the ‘share for share’ approach. In this method you share your account with another Instagram account holder to exchange contents between you two. This process will help you in two distinct ways such as:

  • Both of you will encourage each other’s followers to follow the account of one another therefore doubling the number of followers for each and
  • Your followers will gain easy access to theaudience of the other account just as they will get access to yours.

In order to create unpaid shout-outs it is better to start with free shout-outs but make sure that you focus on those accounts only that have the same kind of reach as yours, if not more.

Typically, the owners of the other accounts will be more amenableand will be willing to enter into a share for share partnership. This is because both sides will gain a lot of advantage from each other.

Ideally, unpaid shout-out or share for share approach is most suitable for businesses that do not have a strong and large budget for marketing and cannot afford paid shout-outs. It is also a wise approach for those businesses that do not want a broader reach and a larger fan following.

The paid shout-outs

On the other hand, if you want to have a broader reach and a bigger pool of followers, paid shout-outs is the best, if you have the budget and can afford it.Paid shout-outs are very popular in social media marketing as this is a great way to gain thousands of followers in quick time. Typically, all paid shout-outshave a much larger number of followers with a strong level of engagement having 2 to 3% of the followers like their content.

All you have to do is implement a strong call-to-action in the shout-out to drive more followers to your site and engage with your brand.

Therefore, be wise to make a move to establish your business through Instagram now or you will never be able to beat your competitors and repent later for not using the useful features provided by this most popular social media platform.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit Blastup for more information.