Personal Home Care Scenarios For The Frail Seniors


If you are above 65 years and need personal home care for long or short term then there is surely something that you should worry for. The fact that there are not many of such personal care aides available to take care of your medical or day to day needs may make your thing what you should do next, in case you need such care services badly.

Well, all these are the results of the long-predicted shortage of such personal care aides. It has taken a tremendous toll on the health care scenario, especially for frail seniors.

  • It is, in fact, posing a significant challenge for the enormous number of frail older adults in the US.
  • In addition to that, it is also causing a lot of inconvenience to an equally large number of people with disabilities, old and young, who also need such home care services on a long term basis.

Not only the old and the needy people, but such shortage in the caregivers is also causing a significant impact and difficulty for the operators as well as the residents of different nursing homes and assisted care living facilities.

  • The experts think that such shortage in-home caregivers will inevitably drive up costs of such services that are already beyond the affordable limits of several such customers.
  • It is also expected that it will raise the financial pressure on Medicare and Medicaid which will in turn force the older adults and other people with disabilities to reconsider how they will receive such health care.

One the other hand and at the same time, the labour shortages for home care services will eventually drive in innovation and use of new technologies in the services provided by different home health care service providers such as or others that could remake and reinvent such services and supports for the elderly and frail citizens.

For some time now, the US government was not unaware of such a situation that was round the corner. For years they knew that such a situation is in the upping and as the aging population will grow in number, this situation and issue will be more profound.

That means, in a way the government is somehow to blame for the growth in the shortage of such home care service providers because they were not keeping up with the number of shortfalls in the personal care aides who are supposed to provide personal health care at home of the patient and even at the nursing or assisted care living facilities.

As a result, the shortage is here.

The labour market and demographics

The tight labour market is also to be blamed for giving rise to such a condition. Another significant factor for this longterm issue is the demographics.

According to the study reports it is found that:

  • All the baby boomers are aging. This is because they have few children comparatively and therefore do not have enough people when they reach the age of caregiving. They do not have children, relatives and cannot even hire paid aides due to the shortage to help them.
  • However, the study also shows that the US will face more short term problems on an immediate basis before it hits the demographic wall.

The biggest reason for this is the strong economy as well as the very tight labour market. Once again if you consider the statistics of different reports you will find that the rate of unemployment was 3.7% earlier which invariably is the lowest in a fifty-year period.

  • In addition to that, the fact that there are lots of other jobs available for the home caregivers to choose from it making it increasingly hard for the home care service providers to find and recruit low paid home care service, aides.
  • If you consider the research and advocacy of PHI, you will see that the home care workers earn an average wage of $11.03 for each hour of their service provided in comparison to the nursing assistants working in different nursing homes who earn $12.84 an hour.

What is even more worrying is the fact that the rate of injuries is among the highest when it is compared with any other occupation in the US. read about 65 years and need personal home care

Effects of immigration

On the other hand, if you consider the veterinary technicians you will see that they earn more than $16 an hour. That means you are living in a society where people pay more money to the workers who look after their pets as compared to those who take care of elderly parents.

You should not be surprised at this fact as more and more people gravitate to better and easier paying jobs.

Another significant problem is the immigration of people. As of now, it is seen that the rate of growth in the available direct workers who are native-born is slo0w. However, the Trump Administration is now aggressively trying to limit immigration into the US. The administration is also seriously considering deporting undocumented people who are already living here and earning their living, mostly as a home care service provider. Since more than one-quarter of these home care aides are immigrants. If they are deported it will once again hurt the availability and supply of home care aides significantly.

The tight situation of the current market for the direct workers to provide home care is reflected in the newsletter Home Health Care News reports. According to this specific newsletter, it is suggested that the home care companies now increasingly require a non-compete agreement.

  • This will restrict the ability of the home care aides to move to another agency.
  • It will also restrict them to work directly for any of their customers and thereby save from paying the fees to the home caregiving agency.

In addition to the above, the newsletter also reveals the statement of a lawyer who states that agencies that do not have enough of a labour force need to find better ways in which they can meet and satisfy the demands of their clients. This warrants for some regulatory answers!