Practical And Functional Breastfeeding Cover


“A breastfeeding cover offers numerous advantages to a nursing mother, offering her the freedom to feed her child in public, yet protecting her from prying eyes.”

Breastfeeding cover is necessary to have for those nursing moms who wish to breastfeed in public places. It will be very inconvenient to have to breastfeed the baby while you are shopping in a mall or while you are travelling or when you are attending a function with lots of people around you.

Most first-time moms are very conscious about nursing their baby in public view. They are worried about unintentional exposure and rely on feeding bottles when they are away from home. This is not good, as breastfeeding provides your baby with optimal nutrition and using a bottle often can put an end to feeding sooner than you want. Breast milk is the ideal food you can give to your baby, as it provides all essential nutrients in the right quantity, boosts your child’s immune system, and strengthens the unique bond between a mom and her child. Nursing mothers can feed their babies in public places, without worrying about prying eyes or accidental exposure by wearing a cover.

Breastfeeding garments such as shawls and blankets are considered unreliable by most nursing moms, as they may slip or may not cover the mother adequately. Most infants will also have a hard time, as they may find it claustrophobic or flustered and hot, causing them to be irritated and active while feeding, which may cause accidental exposure. This does not occur ever when you have a multi-use nursing cover.

Advantages Of Using A Breastfeeding Cover

  • The breastfeeding cover can be used while walking, sitting or even while standing as they completely cover the mother from all directions.
  • They are held firmly in place by shoulder clips and an elastic band. The fabric used is ultra-soft and extremely safe for the babies.
  • They are usually lightweight and breathable.
  • These covers can be folded and placed conveniently in a diaper bag or even in the lady’s purse.
  • Most manufacturers use 100% cotton, but it is not unusual to find breastfeeding cover made of silk or brocade that can be used while attending formal functions. Many have been designed to be reversible where mothers can get some variety for the price of one breastfeeding cover.

Some of the breast covers may also include a pocket to place burp cloths or wipes. There are covers available for those who have twins to take care of. They are easy to maintain, as these covers can be machine washed and dried. You may also have to pay a slightly higher price to buy a handmade breast cover that helps you to baby feeding, while you are in public view. They are practical to use too, as the mother can keep an eye on her baby as it is being fed using a window placed above her breasts. The baby is also able to suckle in peace, without being distracted by the hustle and bustle in the public places. The breastfeeding cover can also be useful when your spouse is against you feeding the baby in public places!

There are just so many advantages that most pregnant women buy them well in advance. The breastfeeding cover is also a great gift to be given to a loved one at the baby shower.

Breastfeeding cover is a practical accessory that can make baby feeding time – an unrestricted pleasure for both you and the baby. The breastfeeding garment should be suitable, while you have to breastfeed in public places. So select one with care.