Read on to know about some interesting facts about the PR Industry!


The PR or Public Relations industry has several terms and processes attached to it and even though it can sound very complex to outsiders, it won’t be a tough task to understand how does a PR agency works and what are the benefits of hiring a PR agency. Here, we are listing some of the major facts which are associated with the PR domain.

Benefits of a PR Agency

Hiring a PR agency is crucial for your company’s growth and expansion as they have several smart strategies, out of the box ideas, crisis management and social media management among others. For a company, it is important to have brand awareness and visibility and you can’t do all this work on your own and hence taking help or seeking advice from a PR agency is mandatory.

Investments and Fundings

It is important to generate funds and keep the process rotating and for this your company must have that kind of brand visibility and credibility to attract potential investors. A PR agency makes sure you have a strong social media presence on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so that your brand has a recall value. The PR professionals also have well-chalked out plans for marketing campaigns and brand positioning for the clients.

Catering to a number of sectors

Some of the leading PR agencies across the globe offer their services to several industries such as healthcare, hospitality, home and furnishing, mobile, tech, retail and home. Some top names are Value360 Communications, Coyne PR, Edelman, G&S Business Communications, Adfactor, Imprism PR and Genesis Burson Martseller among others. All the agencies have offices around the world and are synonymous with excellent services over the years.

A boost for the start-ups

The PR services are needed for any company to grow and excel and these services become all the more crucial if you have a start-up. There are many advantages of taking help from PR agency for a new company as the main focus of these businesses is to establish themselves in their specific domain. The PR professionals have several plans and strategies along with different processes as how to chalk out a growth plan for such companies.

Creative Minds at Work

One of the most important advantages of hiring a PR agency is to have a bunch of creative people who are always thinking and coming up with new, smart ideas and marketing campaigns to bring your company to the global map. These people come up with smart ideas and out of the box thinking as they are well-versed with the latest industry trends for implementing these plans to yield the best possible results. PR Terminologies

The PR industry works on a specific set of words or terms that are normally used by the agencies to interact with their clients and media houses. Some of the most commonly used words are Earned Media, Coverage Hits, Unique Visitors Per Month, Circulation and Angle among others.