Reason To Rejoice: 5 Flowers To Surprise Your Lady With

Flowers To Surprise

Flowers are one of the most versatile gifting options, that possibly suit every occasion from birthdays to anniversaries to condolences. It voices your unspoken gratitude to the person, it has been gifted to. These floral beauties tend to act as an expression of love and affection to their loved ones. Whenever a person faces the dilemma of gifting something gorgeous to cheer up the receiver, flowers can always act as a token of endearment. Bringing warmth and comfort with its enticing fragrance and appealing natural strokes and hues, flowers are like the most romantic gifts that are full of passion and sentiments.

For instance, you and your spouse have been separated by distance due to your work commitment. You are in Delhi, while she is in Pune. And your anniversary is just around the corner, in such a situation your ladylove will be surprised, seeing your effort to send flowers to Pune. This romantic gift of nature is sure to leave a lasting impression of your spouse, in your absence of being physically there. As per psychology, the human brain tends to release happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, leaving the receiver delighted.

Here are a few blooming beauties which make every happy milestone of life even more cherishable and are perfect to surprise your love with!

  1. Roses – There is possibly no other flower which expresses the deepest affection or emotion as roses of any colour. Beaming with feelings like love, faith, honour, and optimism, a rose bouquet is loved by all.
  2. Orchids – If someone finds sending or receiving roses are a cliche and you are a not so fan of cliched stuff, then orchids are just perfect for you. These graceful blooms are delicate and exotic in its charm. Symbolising everlasting beauty and strength, orchids are an epitome of maturity.
  3. Carnations – Evoking feelings of motherly love and distinct fascination, carnations are affordable, durable and has an innate charm of its own. Derived from Greek words which means “Flowers of God”, these carnations are available in different shades to suit the occasion and the relation of the person to be gifted.
  4. Lillies – Filled with opulent elegance, lilies are those flowers which are gifted to symbolise passion, good luck, and purity. In other words, they are also referred to as proposal flowers. These flowers are what dreams are made of!
  5. Gerberas – One of those flowers which are not just appealing to the eyes. Rather they come along with an air-purifying and mood-enhancing benefits. Gifting a bunch of gerberas often mean blessing that person with all the happiness of the world.

All of these flowers are considered to be a great gifting option because of these being an epitome of purity, innocence, and happiness! So, pleasing your women has never been this easy with these flowers. Don’t just trust our words, rather check the difference on your own!

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