Reasons to invest in original artwork

invest in original artwork

A recent survey by the Australia Council for the Arts shows that more than one in three Australians connects through arts. Arts have the ability to unite us as human beings and make us live through each other’s struggles and joys. Original Art, in particular, owing to its uniqueness, feels like an exclusive bridge between the artist and the connoisseur.

Why must you invest in an original piece of art?

A majority of art connoisseurs are not billionaires who want to stash their earnings in art. They are middle to upper-middle income households who wish to buy a piece to enliven their homes. If you are in the latter category but are not sure of investing in an original painting, the following points may convince you.


It should give you great pleasure to possess a work of art that has no duplicate in existence. Even if the artist chooses to paint the same work again, it will never be an exact replica of yours. It makes the piece very valuable and is also one of the reasons why its price rarely depreciates.

Fruit of Labour:

Unlike prints and posters, art is produced with back-breaking labour. The artist may spend weeks and sometimes even years to produce the final product. Remember that an artist is her own worst critic, and if she has chosen to make the painting available in the market, it has gone through hours of tedious tweaking to bring it to the level of perfection that it possesses now.


A painting offers not only visual but also tactile depth. The carefully placed layers of paint and the deliberate brush strokes give the image an intensity that draws the viewer’s eye. A painting fills the room quite powerfully, like no print can.

Conversation Starter:

If you have a pretty print hanging in your living room, all you can tell about it is where you purchased it from. A painting, on the other hand, has a much more interesting story behind it. You could talk about how you came across the picture and how it appealed to you. If you know the artist, you can find out why they chose the subject, the thought process behind the choice of colours and shapes. There is always a new angle to the discussion when your topic is the beautiful painting occupying your room.

Supports the artist:

Buying an original piece of art is your way of supporting your local artist directly. Australians are increasing their support for artists by donating money, volunteering, and crowd-funding. But nothing encourages an artist more than actual sales of their work. It gives them valuable feedback on the path they can choose for their subsequent work and gives them the independence to continue to create.

Paintings are personal:

A painting evokes a sense of camaraderie. If you are someone who moves often and want to make a new house your home instantly, just hang up the painting and watch as the space transforms into something familiar and welcoming.

Curate your own gallery:

Original Art is an investment that you would indulge in after careful consideration. In the process, you build your knowledge on the artist, the medium, the subject and its interpretation. Many connoisseurs report it as a cathartic experience. If you have the good fortune to go through the adventure multiple times, you can consider curating your own personal collection.

In Conclusion

Art is a component of human experience that can helps you to connect to your history, culture and ethos. Art inspires you to find out exactly what you can contribute to humankind. Supporting original artwork and its creators is one way in which you can change both your own personal space and the broader world around you.