Sentimental Gifts from Maid of Honour To Bride


Of course, you wish to give your bride a gift that she must be like, but if it is for the bride of honour, a gift should be extra special. Because this is the way to express her how special she is for you.

On the wedding day, the maid of honour gift should be given itself to the bride of honour. Many of the best surprises for the bride from the maid of honour can be sentimental and custom made. These could be most wanted ideas from the maid of honour to the bride.

Here are some gift ideas from the maid of honour to the bride:

·        Customized Necklace

Most of the best surprises from the maid of honour to the bride look expensive and are customized just for the bride, which makes this stylish monogram necklace a no-fail choice.

·        Elegant Pendant

A beautiful gorgeous maid of honour gift to a bride could be an elegant pendant. Gift your wife an elegant necklace that she can wear along with chain on many occasions. 

·        Customized Wedding Ring Box

How beautiful is a customized wooden wedding ring box? The bride can share it with her husband, and she can put both or only her wedding ring, or engagement ring inside it for safekeeping. It will be a wonderful gift for a bride from the maid of honour on her wedding day.

·        Framed Photo of Engagement/Wedding

You can gift a beautifully framed picture of both of you from your wedding/engagement photos, with a printed wedding date. It would be valuable even after a long time of your wedding. For more wedding ideas click here.

·        Gift Box for Bride

A Gift box for a bride is also perfect for a woman who’s newly married. It will be full of unusual gifts from the maid of honour for the bride. This gift box may include soy candle, makeup bag, coffee mug, perfume, and spa set. You can select the items of your own choice.

·        Digital Camera

It is also a good idea to present a digital camera to the bride if she loves to take pictures. You can use this gift on your honeymoon to save the memories and some unique pictures in your album.

·        Branded Cosmetic Bag

The branded cosmetic bag is also a good idea. It is a useful gift from the maid of honour to the bride. The cosmetic bag looks classy; it’s also an extra-special addition in the bride’s honeymoon baggage.

·        Diamond Band

The diamond band is one most sentimental gift from maid of honour to bride.

The bride will love to wear this fashionable and versatile diamond band because it is a very expensive and special gift for her.

·        Scents

The scent is slightly different from other beauty items because it’s a little bit more special. Branded perfumes will be so cool because these are designed according to the mood and personality of people.


So, it was a brief list of the gifts that you can present to the bride of honour. In fact, you can even add your own exclusive ideas with the combination of gifts as mentioned above. It will be really amazing and useful for you.