Top 10 Single Travel Destinations Recommended by Women

Single Travel Destinations

Are you looking for countries to start your next solo adventure? One of our Expert travelers, recommends 10 single travel destinations. This is a must-see list full of advice for those traveling alone for the first time. Take a look and start planning your next trip!

Top 10 Single Travel Destinations


Single Travel Destinations

Land of the midnight sun and the Northern Lights, Finland is the ideal destination for nature lovers. There is the Lemmenjoki National Park, one of the largest in Europe, it has different wild areas and one of the regions with the largest number of lakes on the continent.

Security: Finland ranks first in security in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness ranking of the World Economic Forum.


Canada hosts a wide variety of scenarios. In the country, you can find centuries-old forests, snow-capped mountains, fields, and lakes. Its nature is truly spectacular and worth the trip. In addition, cities have a special charm and have a multicultural touch.

Security: Canada is considered, among all the countries of America, as the safest destination for women travelers.

New Zealand

New Zealand

On the North Island, you will find paradisiacal beaches, active volcanoes, and colorful lakes. On the South Island, the scenario is another: snowy peaks, glaciers and a coast full of seals and whales.

A country with landscapes from another world, New Zealand, or the Middle Earth Region for fans of the “Lord of the Rings”, is a perfect destination for those who like adventure, sports and/or nature. This small country has two main islands and has different scenarios.

Security: The destination is considered as the 4th safest country to travel, according to the report of the Institute for Economics & Peace.


This little country is lovely and its people are very welcoming. In Montevideo, the capital, you can take advantage of the beaches that create a beautiful contrast with the urban part of the city.

In Punta del Este, the most famous resort in Uruguay, you will find beaches, monuments and a quiet place to relax. In Colonia del Sacramento you will discover a region full of history and charm.

Security: the country has the lowest crime rates in America.



Located in the heart of Europe, this country cannot be defined just by making good watches. Switzerland is much more. It is a country that has cultural diversity, a wide variety of artistic attractions and cosmopolitan landscapes that converge with nature.

Security: Switzerland ranks 7th in the list of the world’s most peaceful countries, according to the Global Peace Index (PGI).


They say that Belgium is a must-see destination in Europe and this is not said to say. The country is charming and has many historical attractions. In addition, it has excellent infrastructure and various attractions for tourists.

In Brussels, for example, you can stroll through the streets and find medieval architecture. In Bruges, you will discover landscapes worthy of a good romantic movie.

Security: the country ranks 10th in the ranking of the best countries for women to travel alone from the International Women’s Travel Center.



For many travelers, Austria is an almost perfect country. They say that there seem to be no problems. It must be because fate has the best quality of life indices in Europe. In addition to the great quality of life, Austria has extraordinary landscapes. You will find snowy peaks, very green forests and crystalline lakes.

Security: the country was in 4th place in the ranking of best countries for women to travel alone from the International Women’s Travel Center.


Known as the Land of Ice, 15% of Iceland’s territory is covered with ice. There it is possible to walk on the ice and even visit some caves. Despite its name, the country has a lot of fire. Yes, you read it right! In this destination, there are 20 active volcanoes.

Between ice and fire, Iceland delights its visitors with extraordinary landscapes. Its capital, Reykjavik, is charming and has various attractions and a hectic nightlife.

Security: Iceland has the lowest crime rates on the planet, it holds first place in the Global Peace Index (PGI).


To talk about Japan we have to start with an old cliché “the destination where ancient traditions coexist with the most advanced technology”. In spite of everything, to talk about this country, you have to visit it.

We can talk about Tokyo, for example, a megacity, considered the cleanest and most organized in the world. We can also talk about Osaka, a modern city, charming and full of entertainment.

Security: Japan is in 6th place in the world’s most peaceful countries, according to the Global Peace Index (PGI).



A country with a unique beauty and capable of pleasing the most demanding travelers, Chile has landscapes worthy of films. It is there that is the driest desert in the world, Atacama and much of the beauty of Patagonia.

In addition, the destination has historic cities, beaches full of life and regions perfect for camping. Its capital, Santiago, has a lovely landscape. Surrounded by mountains, the city hosts a wide variety of entertainment.

Security: The country has low crime rates and ranks 24th in the Global Peace Index.

This is our list of single travel destinations, but there are many, many more! If you still do not know where to travel alone or have any questions, you can also find more tips in Footloose Tribe

And you, what are you waiting to travel alone?