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Teenage holds a lot of challenges for parents. The kids want to make their own decisions, they demand privacy, and they want to dress differently, go on dates, drive, and party. They can be nervous and very fearless at the same time. They get influenced by other people easily. All in all, it is like a roller coaster ride for parents. They want their kids to learn about life but not make big mistakes. They just naturally want their kids to be safe.

You have to strike a balance when dealing with teens. Make decisions about how much you want to allow and how much you want to stop. In my experience, it helps when you lay the rules in front of them and let them be in charge all the while keeping a distant check on them. Digital tools like an FamilyTime parental control app is good for this. They help you supervise and lessen the stress as well. See how you can handle some teen troubles with the help ofFamilyTime app:

1.       Pornographic Content

Porn is very easily available on the internet these days. There are separate websites and other than that adult content is also present on YouTube, Instagram, Buzz feed and other popular networks. You can keep an eye on what they surf on their browser by getting access to their history and then block the unwanted content. You can also see if they play online games or visit online chat rooms frequently, whichare the hunting ground for internet child predators.

2.       Sneaking out at night

Many parents deal with their teenagers sneaking out of the house after curfew time. They are often tempted to go to late night parties, secret meet ups or just to get the high of doing something crazy. Some kids are pressured by other kids or some are challenged. Even if they think they are doing it for fun, they can get into danger. To handle this problem you can use location tracking and mobile Geofence tool. It keeps you updated with your kids’ location all the time and you can also get notified when they leave the house. It is a great way to keep tabs on them and catch them before they put themselves in a big trouble.

3.       Digital addiction

It is the same as drug addiction and unfortunately, our kids suffer from it. They get so used to playing games, checking their social feed, texting, and binge watching that they can’t catch a break. This is hurtful for their health and mental wellness. So it is important that you make them do a digital detox every week and incorporate small breaks during the day. It becomes very easy to do that when their devices are locked. Screen time apps let you digitally lock their devices for as much time as you want and cater their addiction.

4.       Sexting

Sexting is another big thing teens are into. Even pre-teens are doing it. The internet safety experts and other security authorities continuously emphasize on the dangers it holds. Kids can face legal penalties, public humiliation, predation, blackmailing and harassment by sending one sexual message. Not only that, but it can follow them up to their college admissions, jobs and relationships too. So it is better you keep an eye for sexting slang and inappropriate messages by regularly monitoring them. You should also block sexting apps like Snapchat, Kik, and WhatsApp etc. it is easily possible with the help of an app. You don’t have to take their phones away or get into a big fight for that. FamilyTime app provides screen time control, family locating services, app blocker and the internet and cellular monitoring.


That is everything you need to keep your teens safe from trouble, in a single app. And that’s not all. There are many other valuable features that you can try yourself for the safety and well-being of your kids. Try this amazing parental control app on your smartphones and tablets for free and see how all the features work.

Go digital!

If your kids are going digital, why shouldn’t you? Digital tools give you better control and deeper access to your teens’ problems. You can do it all directly from your own device and be there for them in a time of need. If they are too smart getthe FamilyTime parental control app and handle your teens a smarter way now – the digital way!