Some Best Features of the Carbomask 1 oz. Three-Pack

camo face paint

Avid hunters like to experiment with various hunting environments. Thus, they choose different and challenging areas for hunting. But before going there, they prepare themselves so that they can take control of any unwanted conditions. And when it is about concocting, they never forget to be camouflage. Because they know that it allows them to blend with their chosen environments and enables them to hunt properly. So, they cover their body with the best camo clothing. And they use hunting camo face paint on their skins to remain concealed. However, if you are enthusiastic about hunting, you need to follow the method of avid hunters. For that, you should cover your body with camo clothing and use the best hunting face paint on your skin. Otherwise, all your efforts may get shattered if you don’t follow and maintain the tactics of hunting.

In case you are inquiring for suitable face paint, here we are going to review the Carbomask 1 oz. Three-Pack which may match your needs.

Offers Three Different Colors

The Carbomask 1 oz comes in a package of three tubes. Each tube’s measurement is 1 ounce, and these tubes contain three colors. The face paint provides you shadow black, hunter green and earth brown. As a result, you can customize the colors as per your need and can conceal your face with an excellent camo pattern.

Highly Durable

The face paint ensures maximum durability. It stays on your skin for an extended time. Now, you may be wondering it can be harmful to your skin as it stays for an extended period. You shouldn’t worry about the fact because it features a clay-based formula. And this formula doesn’t feature any oil, grease, and glare. As a result, it lets your skin to function normally. Even your sweat will remain clear because this formula prevents paint from peeling off your skin, and with that, it separates water as well. So, it can be an excellent choice for both professional and amateur hunters.

Protects Skin

The manufacturer of the Carbomask 1 oz uses activated charcoal so that it can fight odor. Also, it helps your skin breathe normally. Besides that, it gives you relief from worrying about acne as the face paint doesn’t clog pores. Overall, it protects your skin and takes good care of it.

Easy to Use & Remove

Anyone can comfortably apply the face paint on their skins. The best fact of this stuff is you will need a minimal amount of face paint to cover your entire skin. And it dries immediately as well as it doesn’t smear all over your clothes at all. On the contrary, the face paint is easy to remove. With the help of a wet cloth and a bit of rubbing, you can easily disengage it.


  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Takes care of the skin
  • Oil-free
  • Provides full skin coverage with a small amount of paint
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t allow wiping sweat as it removes easily


People apply face paint on their skins to reduce shine. They use different colors and make random patterns. Most of the bowhunters think old-school while making these patterns. For that, they need to apply various colors such as black, green, brown, etc. on the skin.

On the other hand, some hunters choose another option which is known as counter-shading. It is a nature-inspired method that hunter use to remain hidden from wild animals. They apply darker shades on high points like the nose, cheekbone. And they use lighter colors on low points of their face. In this way, they keep themselves concealed. Anyway, it depends mostly on your creativity how you paint your face. And no matter which pattern you would like to apply on your skin, we recommend you to use the best camo paint like the Carbomask 1 oz. Three-Pack on your face.