Summer Fun – Above Ground Pool and Pool Floats

Above Ground Pool

Everybody enjoys the cool water of the above ground swimming  pool in summer. Kids, parents or grandparents, people of all ages love water in the summer. And swimming is the best activity in the best fun activity in the summer.

Public Swimming Pool

You could go to a public swimming pool with one hundred other people swimming and God knows whatever else they are doing there. Public swimming pools have hygiene issue – there is no control over who is using the pool. What if the person has some sort of skin disease or other infectious disease. Makes you think twice of using the public swimming pools.

But at the same time, they are very well maintained and cleaned regularly. There are life guards and other precautionary measures present in the public pools.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

You could go for a concrete swimming pool at home, but there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of owning a concrete swimming pool. Please read more about it here. (Link to my other document: Above Ground Swimming Pool Buyers Guide)

There are different types of above ground pools out there. If you want your baby to have fun in water, buy a kiddie pool. They are colorful and only about few inches in depth.

For slightly older kids or juveniles you may want to go for slightly larger above ground pools like the Intex Easy Set Pool. They are very easy to setup. Just inflate the ring around the pool and fill it with water. In half an hour you have a working pool to swim in.

For adults, to have a pool party with lots of people to join in at the same time, you can choose the Intex Ultra Frame Pool or the metal walled Splash Pools.

Above Ground Pool Deck

To get most out of your above ground pool you will need a wood deck that surrounds it. It will double as a ladder to climb into your pool and a fun-in-the-sun gathering place for you and your friends. It will be a place for you to swim, sunbathe and dine by the pool side.

Games in the Pool

Swimming is the best game, its fun and a very good exercise at the same time. There are so many games that you can play in the water. You can play Floating Basketball, Shootball, Pool Volleyball and much more.

Pool Floats

Add lot more fun and increase the attraction of your above ground pool will pool floats. Relax in the hot summer in a pool lounger. They come in many sizes and lots of features like loungers, head rests, drink holder and so much more.

Usually made for a single person but some can hold 2-3 adults at the same time. Some have two drink holders so that you don’t have to leave the pool just to refill your drinks. Some floats have open center bottom so that you have direct contact with water. Some floats have mesh bottom so that you can have cool refreshing feel of the pool water and not fall through the hole.

You have pool floats that are designed as hammock – water hammock. You can spend the whole day just laying around and not worry about a thing in the world.