7 Rules for Texting Women That Any Modern Man Needs to Know

Texting Women

The rules of dating sure have changed in the last fifty years. Whether you are just entering into the world of courtship or re-entering the sometimes treacherous waters of relationships, it will not take you long to realize just how technologically driven it has become.

From utilizing social media and the internet to make a connection to using your mobile device as a primary means of communication, modern developments are raising new questions about proper etiquette. When it comes to using the aforementioned phone to communicate with a potential partner, you may find yourself texting more than conversing. But, just because this can be a highly informal means of communicating, that does not mean that there are not unwritten rules surrounding this conversation option. To help explain the best approach to this means of communicating, the following are some of the rules for texting women that you can use in your modern relationship.

Regulating Your Texts

• Watch the Spelling: While texting is an informal means of communication, that does not mean that you can complete let your grammar go out the window when texting women. Sure, abbreviations are common and she is likely to understand them when you use them. But, if you are misspelling words all of the time and ignoring grammatical rules altogether, she is going to notice. This is especially true in a new relationship. So, remember that spelling and grammar matter in this modern mode of communication.

• No Groups: Texting can become a group activity. Many times, group texts are used to reach multiple people regarding the same topic, all at once. Whether it is sharing work information or a message to family, these group readings do have a proper use. But, when it comes to texting women, you should refrain from including in her group. It is likely to make her feel like just another name in your phone and may make what could be a formal relationship appear more informal.

• Be Aware It’s Permanent: In phone calls of past, something inappropriate said was lost once the phone call ended. When it comes to texting, though, anything said or done can be saved forever—even without your permission. Screenshots and saving of messages means that whatever you have said when texting women can last a lifetime. Remember this when you begin to type out that message.

• Invites Accepted: While some women prefer receiving a phone call, more and more women are okay with receiving an invitation to an activity via a text. This is especially true when a relationship is new or when there is a nervousness on her part. Invitations, then, can be sent when texting women but, remember, that tone cannot be understood. If you are trying to be flirty and cute, read the text out loud and anticipate the way that it is likely to be received more than how you intended it to be. This will help you to make sure you send the right message to your potential mate.

• Believe In You: While not unacceptable, for many women, texting can still be an informal means of communication. When it comes to reaching out, then, you need to convey confidence rather than shyness in your texts. Women like a man that is confident even when he is sending a readable message rather than a phone call. To make up for what could be perceived as a potential fear of contact on your part, be sure to stay confident when texting women. Of course, you do not want to be overly confident and come off as arrogant. Walk the line like you would when speaking with someone in public and she is sure to understand what you mean.

• No Alcohol: Texting women while intoxicated can be very problematic, especially when the relationship is new. You may say things that you are not ready to say or get overly sexual, depending on the type of drinker that you are. This can really throw a relationship backwards in its strength and longevity. Do not, therefore, bring alcohol into the equation when texting women, no matter how tempting it may be when you’re a few drinks in and are starting to feel brave.

• Do Not Bombard Her: Sending too many texts without a response can make you appear desperate or too eager. A woman, arguably, wants a man that allows her the time to respond without over-eagerness or pushing. When you said texts without responses, she may get the idea that you are coming on to strong. Rather than participate in this behavior when texting women, pace yourself. She will respond when she can and respect that you respected her time. If you send multiple texts without waiting, though, she may choose to never respond to you.

 The Dos and Don’ts of Texting Women

As with anything in life, manners matter and the above rules for texting women are meant to keep up this tradition. Even if you are utilizing this method of talking to a female in an informal way, by taking the time to be polite you are telling her that she matters.

That is, after all, what she really wants.