The Do’s of mobile app development to ensure success in developing apps


The United Kingdom’s digital scenario is evolving for sure. The ever-expanding market will have consumers spending nearly GBP£ 1 billion & the market for Smart Television sets in the United Kingdom is also growing. These factors give plenty of reasons for developers in the country to dive into developing apps for the British market.

However, before anyone dives into developing apps, there are a set of rules i.e. a set of dos they must follow so they can be sure of success in developing those apps.

The Dos of mobile app development

The following are the Dos of mobile app development you must follow.

1.Plan out the app development process wisely

Please, never forget the planning aspect of the app development process. It is one of the first steps of the project management process and do plan each step wisely. Do not fall in the trap of planning paralysis where all time is wasted in thinking and jotting.

If you do not have a plan that tells you what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and how you will do it, then that app development project of yours will be most likely to deviate off the course. It will then result in missed deadlines and budgetary compromises.

2. Allocate time & monetary resources efficiently

This is also coming under planning, and these two things will dictate your project. They will determine where your project is and how effective it has been. You must ensure that you have allocated both for all stages of the development cycle. There also must be enough of both to promote your app.

3.Do research on your competitors

There are a set of questions which you need to ask yourself before you start the app development process. Check out your competition and check whether the idea you have is unique or has been taken by another developer.

If the other developer turned your idea into an app, that is a different scenario but if you do not conduct your own research & launch your app blindly, there is a good chance your app may flop. If it turns out to be better than the other, then that is luck.

Always check the current standard and try raising it.

4.Promote your app

Around 90% of app developers do not promote their app properly and that results in 80% of developers failing to operate as sole mobile app developers in business terms. You need to keep at least 30% of the monetary and time budget towards marketing & promotion.

30% seems like a huge amount. But, keep in mind that it will pay off well in the end. Once you have completed developing your app and launched it in its respective store, you need to start marketing it as getting it noticed is paramount to success. To find the needed and relevant app store optimization tools.

5.Ensure you properly finish the mobile app development process

It is disheartening to know that a lot of app developers start a mobile app development project and end up losing their confidence when they encounter tumbles along the road. They often are unable to finish the process which could produce one of the apps they have ever created.

Always finish what you initiate. If you are in doubt about its outcome, you can either plan more, hand over the project to another person or firm, or do not start at all. As harsh as it sounds, you can never sell anything that does not exist.

Over to you – what’s your stance?

These rules can sound a bit harsh, but this is the reality which we all must be willing to accept. The app development process does sound alluring & optimistic, but it is cumbersome. It can also cause many to abandon it or sell it to a firm so they can complete it.

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