The Most Effective Outdoor Advertising Techniques

Outdoor Advertising Techniques

Melbourne enjoys a good reputation as an ideal city for building up a business owing to its history of stable commercial success over the years. A business established in a city that offers an open and transparent regulatory system, highly-skilled and multicultural workforce, low-cost infrastructure and more can achieve the required momentum towards success in little time.

Yet another aspect of a business is a good marketing strategy which it needs to possess to reach the desired success. One of the best forms of marketing techniques is outdoor advertising. It is a versatile technique that gives room for innovation and helps business owners convey their message to their target audience. In Melbourne, almost 78 per cent of people notice outdoor advertisements every month. There are also various key intersections and highways in Melbourne, like Monash Freeway, Princes Freeway, the Eastern Freeway, and the Tullamarine freeway, which are very suitable for outdoor advertising.

The idea of installing billboards in Melbourne in strategic locations, can be a great way to reach a wider audience. A high-impact digital billboard instantly captures people’s attention. Here are some more ways to advertise your brand outdoors. 

Car Magnets

Car magnets are employed by many small to big businesses to spread awareness about their services. It’s an inexpensive technique and has the potential to reach hundreds of your prospective customers each day. Advertisements on cars make an immediate impression on people. Moreover, they do not need regular upkeep, unlike other expensive marketing techniques. You can easily install and remove them. Thus, they are an excellent option for seasonal marketing.


Billboards have been around for a very long time. They have always dominated the scene of local advertising in Melbourne. You can see them on the sides of facades or highways of city buildings here. There are sites for billboards in north Melbourne, East Melbourne, South Bank, and West Melbourne. Billboards in Melbourne that are installed in high reaching and impactful locations have proved to be a great way to kickstart a marketing campaign in the region for years. Classic and supersite roadside billboards reinforce brand recognition. They make sure to catch the attention of passersby.

Street Furniture Advertising

It’s about employing equipment like bus shelters, parking garages, and benches to display your advertisement. This advertising strategy is targeted towards pedestrians. In this technique, precise design specifications tailored for irregular surfaces that would hold the advertisements are necessary. Usually, the content is limited in this marketing technique as the audience is likely moving while they see the ad. The interested prospect clients can check out the ad and take pictures for reference. 

Advertising Balloons

Advertising balloons are also an inexpensive outdoor advertising technique. It’s best employed during social events and fairs. Businesses can leverage any occasion and print the name of their business on the decoration pieces. They can employ a giant balloon at the entrance of the venue. It functions as a landmark of the entire function. Usually, this form of advertising is apt for telecommunication companies. If the event is a big one, millions of people get exposed to a brand through it. 

Advertising Flags

It is quite an interesting type of advertising. Various brands in Melbourne use this advertising strategy for generating awareness about themselves. Flags are lightweight and come in double or single-sided print. They garner more attention due to the way they keep swaying in the air. A flag in attractive design and colour is quite an effective way to captivate the target audience. In Melbourne, you can find them along the streets. Usually, they have a solid shade background and feature a few words. Flags that are eye-catching and have easy to read text are suitable for gaining the attention of the mobile audience. 

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business. There can never be an end to ways in which you can promote your venture. While social media and online advertising are potent ways of marketing, outdoor marketing is equally crucial and influential in establishing a brand’s presence in the market. If done right, outdoor advertising techniques can really maximise all your marketing outcomes.