The most popular kinds of websites in the cyberspace


Once upon a time, there were websites that only used text. They were used by government agencies and public institutions for the purpose of information only. Ever since the world wide web expanded, a variety of web pages have arrived in the cyberspace.

There are so many kinds of websites these days that it makes it difficult to decide which kind of web design is the right one for us. In order to have a look at which one is suitable, we have arranged the most popular kinds of websites in the cyberspace today in an orderly manner.

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Kinds of websites in the cyberspace today

The following are the kinds of websites that are commonly found in the cyberspace today.

1. E-Commerce websites

An e-commerce website is an online retail site where goods can be purchased in a click of a button from anywhere. They are colloquially known as online shops.

If people have products to sell and would like to enjoy the facility of the shop without the need of having a brick-and-mortar shop, then e-commerce websites work best in this regard.

2. Blogs

Blogs were earlier known as personal websites. They were preferred by people wishing to showcase certain life events, like weddings, parties, and vacations.

Blogging today has not only evolved but is also updated frequently, with older posts viewed through archives.

3. Informational websites

Informational websites have helped reduce the public’s dependence on libraries. These websites help the public obtain answers to questions with relative ease.

Google is a search engine but also works as an informational website helping people find answers to their questions. Today, people are not only researching online but are also teaching themselves certain things via online tutorials, hacks, and tips.

4. Online community forums

Online community forums help people get in touch with like-minded people and share ideas with them based on mutual interests and background. An example would be a form of video game enthusiasts. Such websites are interactive and that is one of their main features. Online community forums help people find solutions to certain problems, look for certain items not found in the marketplace or help connect with people of the same ethnicity and background, and vice versa.

5. Photo sharing websites

Photo sharing websites allow users to upload photos as well as downloading them for free.

Users can also get paid by advertising good quality images on photo-sharing websites or by selling good quality high-resolution images people would like to purchase for either personal or commercial purposes.

6. Online Resume websites

Online resume websites help reduce the dependency on using paper. It helps showcase users who they are, their qualifications and their portfolio.

They give users control over their first impressions with prospective companies for the purpose of jobs.

7. Portfolio websites

Portfolio websites help users showcase their professional work. Fashion models, landscape designers, architects, architectural designers, photographers, graphic designers, and other related professionals showcase their portfolio online through these websites.

8. Catalog & Brochure based websites

Online catalogs & brochures help users display the goods and services they have to offer and attract potential clients. They do not require any online payments. These websites give users a wider reach in promoting business. Online brochures are ideal for dentists, hair salons, beauty salons, holiday destinations, specialty manufacturers and the like.

9. Online business directories

Online business directories help users save the stress of flicking pages in gigantic directories. They can be devoted to a specific industry, location or field.

They also serve as a useful list of resources.

10. Online Autobiographies

Authors and writers have their own websites which include their biographies and a portfolio of their works. Website visitors can review their works and comment on them as well.

Links to the social media pages, blogs and places where their publications are sold online, are included on these websites as well. They are useful in the publishing industry in establishing a strong base of followers.

10. Online Tracking

You can find lot of website online which allow you location tracking, ip tracking, mobile tracking and website traffic tracking.


These are the kinds of websites that are common in today’s cyberspace. What is even heartening to know that not only are they becoming interactive & responsive but are also evolving in aesthetics and user interface giving their visitors and users a unique experience.

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