The perfect cake toppers for your wedding

wedding cake

So, you’ve tried the cake slices and decided on the icing and filling. But how do you adorn that cake now? Whether you go basic or decorate your cake with sugar flowers and fondant, there is only one item to consider. And that’s the cherry on top! There are many wonderful alternatives for a cake topper, ranging from your names in glitter to a duo of cute elephants. So, if you’re looking for ideas for your Cake toppers, here are some unique suggestions. The best thing is that you may store all of them as souvenirs after the wedding. If you don’t want to retain keepsakes, you can certainly reuse them at more exciting festivities in the future!

The classic topper

The Mr. & Mrs Last Name topper is a simple yet elegant alternative for the bride and groom who want to personalize their wedding cake. Before placing your purchase, it is advised that couples with lengthier last names contact the vendor to ensure that it will fit nicely on the cake.

Edible models

These adorable toppers are an all-time favourite. You may choose your favourite character, animal, or even individuals. Because they are produced especially for you, edible modelled toppers are adaptable to your design. Because they are built to order, you have a lot of freedom in what you can put on your cake, making them amongst the most personalized toppers.


A perspex cake topper is a more sophisticated variant of cardboard toppings. They offer any cake a stylish, clean look and let you pick both a backdrop colour and a font colour, allowing you to be a little more adventurous with them. There are frequently sparkly and flashy choices as well, so you can go all out! They’re a little less versatile than cardboard toppers because you’re typically limited to what you can put in the disc, but they’re a wonderful alternative for a very elegant finish to your cake.


Why print the image on the cakes when a real photograph may be used? It’s fun to recreate sceneries and memories using fondant models, but there are times when you want the actual picture on your cake. Using photographs for a sentimental cake or one commemorating a specific experience may be a fantastic idea. Grab a few clips and place your favourite photos on the cake.

Printed cardboard

Cake toppers made of cardboard are a great way to add a statement to a cake quickly and easily. They can be extremely powerful, flashy, or glam. The letters are carved out to make the message very apparent, and you may use whatever font you choose to match the design of your cake. They’re also quite affordable, making them among the most cost-effective methods to add a statement to your cake.

Floral toppings that are non-edible

Real flowers are commonly used to garnish wedding cakes because they may be coordinated with flower arrangements and bouquets. For situations like this, floral cake toppers are ideal! Remember that while creating your actual flower cake, you’ll need to consider seasonality and supply; not all flowers are accessible all year. If your favourite bloom isn’t in season, you can always opt for an edible flower arrangement made of sugar instead.

Cake toppers are available to accommodate everyone, from novice bakers to more experienced bakers, as well as all budgets and tastes. The important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what type of cake you have, there will be a decoration for you!