The Problem Of Alcohol And Drug Use Among Top-level Executives


Top-level executives such as presidents, vice presidents, CEOs, and CFOs are the last people you expect struggling with alcohol or drugs problem. They are wealthy, successful and have a better lifestyle. However, success, money, and lifestyle provide no insulation from the ravages of substance abuse. The traits that put them in these successful positions often contribute to the development of drug or alcohol problems. However, the treatment offered at an executive drug rehab center can help in living a drug-free life.

It Has Nothing To Do With How Much You Earn

The problem of drug addiction is often linked with homeless, disheveled, unemployed and out of control people who steal from family and friends. The reality is, people at any socioeconomic level can develop addiction problems, Kenneth Zegar.

Chaotic personal life, parental attitude towards drug and alcohol use, and genetics are other factors contributing to the problem. It is estimated that 15 of the 250 top executives in a company with 5,000 employees would suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. This addiction often progresses in severity.


Being risk-takers, top-level executives often seek out novel experiences. They love challenging prevailing beliefs. Novelty-seeking behavior can also be seen in many addicts. Some people have a genetic variant that suppresses dopamine signaling in the brain. This is the reason why they are often compelled to seek high levels of stimulation through thrill-seeking. They need thrill-seeking to get the same level of pleasure others can get through the lower level of stimulation.                        

Unmet Needs

We all have some unmet childhood needs or needs from the teenage years. The type of family in which they are raised can also lead to addiction in executives. They are driven too hard to succeed and many of their needs are left unmet.  

False Persona

They often develop a persona that barricades them against the feeling of insecurity. Top-level executives appear self-assured, optimistic and upbeat. However, this persona often cuts them off feelings and impulses. This persona does help them in achieving, but it gets their way of intimacy and openness with others.


Executives want everything to be perfect. They set high standards for all. They develop a sense of control and predictability. However, they often tend to put off dealing with relationships and other areas and unforgettable emotions. This often makes them turn to substance use.

The Delusion

After they develop drug or alcohol addiction, there are some factors keeping them from getting help. This is the reason why they often take time to admit that they have a genuine problem of addiction. They do show up to work and run businesses.


It is not easy to get these high-power individuals into executive drug rehab centers. It is because they don’t identify with this addict stereotype. This leads to a strong denial. This also stops them from getting help.     

Executive Drug Rehab Treatment

Sometimes they try to fix things on their own. However, this is the least likely to work. They approach executive rehab centers for help when their family life starts falling apart.

Luxury rehab centers offer personalized treatment plans to help professionals struggling with drug and alcohol problems. However, there is a need to recognize the problem and get help.