The Smart Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Outdoor TV Cover for Maintaining a Classy Décor


When summer arrives, it automatically signals people to move out of their homes to outdoors to enjoy the balmy evenings. You can increase the enjoyment level significantly by installing a giant outdoor TV so that all of you can watch sports events and other stuff together. To make your investment last longer, you should consider buying an outdoor TV cover that will protect your TV from damage during the long months it is not in use. A quick look at the various aspects of a sensible buy:

Versatility to Deal with All Kinds of Weather

You need to make sure that the cover you buy is strong enough to protect the TV from everything the weather can throw at it. The material should be such that it is completely waterproof but has vents that allow the humidity to escape and prevent the formation of mold and mildew. In the hot weather, the same vents will prevent heat from building up inside the cover that may damage the delicate electronic circuits of the plasma or LCD screen. In outdoor installations, dust is a big enemy, so the TV cover you buy should be made of a material that is dust resistant. A synthetic material like nylon or polyester can also make it easy to clean the inevitable bird poop. According to, using baking soda is among the best ways of cleaning bird poop.

Soft Inner Lining 

The last thing you want your cover to do is to cause scratches on the TV screen; however, that is going to happen if you buy outdoor TV covers made of stiff materials in your effort to get something that is completely waterproof and dustproof. When you are buying a TV cover, you should look out for the models that have a soft lining inside, preferably padded so that not only is the screen prevented from getting scratched but also it can ward off impacts from wayward balls thrown by kids or gusting wind smashing a large twig against the screen.

Get the Dimensions Right 

When you are buying a large outdoor TV, you should always make it a point to decide on the model and size of the TV first so that you know the dimensions of the TV cover you need to buy. Find out if the TV manufacturer offers TV covers too or else you can go online to select a model of your choice. Just remember that the cover should fit the TV well. Not only should you measure the breadth and the height of the TV but also the depth, including the TV mounting to be able to buy a cover of the right size. While, a smaller cover will not fit, buying too large a cover also does not help because it will allow the ingress of water and dust.


There is a huge variety of outdoor TV covers available. If you are buying online, be sure to check up the product reviews before putting your money down. Don’t get carried away by the cheapness of some covers. Make sure the one you buy is rated well because otherwise, you could be jeopardizing the life of your expensive outdoor TV.