The Tips to make money online without investment



Money is an important aspect of life. Each of us wishes to have sufficient money if not more than the required amount. Everyone has wishes too and to fulfil them, again, they need money. Even for basic survival to meet the daily needs of food, clothing and shelter, money is important. Some people do double jobs to try to fulfil this requirement. Some ladies take a break from regular work or stop working due to personal reasons. But there is no need to get disheartened as now due to the internet, there is a lot of opportunities available to earn a good amount of money working from home. Even you have a regular job, if you wish to earn extra bucks, you can try earning through the internet.


Below, we mention few tips to make money using the internet i.e. online without any investment.

1. Blogging: If you have an interest and a skill for writing, then you start a blog. You can choose to write in a particular category or topic or just write about daily events etc. There is no investment required as you can start a blog for free and. This is not an instant money-making option but if your blog becomes popular, advertising starts pouring in and you can earn a hefty amount then. Paid To Click (PTC)

2. Survey: Completing surveys is another option to make money online without any investment. They are many legitimate sites offering these services. These surveys can be of a few minutes to maybe an hour.

3. Affiliate Marketing: Another common way of earning money online without any investment is the opportunity of affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of such sites. Choose the best which suits your interest. They are the high scope of earnings in it. It is commission-based.

4. Task Completion: Many online sites offer money to registered users to complete tasks and pay for it. Like all the above options, there is no investment in this opportunity.

5. Selling Stock Photos: If you are an avid photographer, then this opportunity is for you. In this opportunity for earning online without investing, you can create a portfolio in any of the various sites for selling stock photos. Each time you photo is used, you earn out of it.

6. Freelancing: There are many online sites that offer jobs to a freelancer. There is no need for investment for it. You just need to register yourselves in that site. Whether you are a writer, photographer, graphic designer, teacher, artist etc, you will have many options of jobs in these freelancing sites where people posts jobs and you can bid on it and if selected, you can earn a handsome income.

7. Teaching/ Trainer: There are many online sites for teachers and trainers. So if you are any of the two, then you can register yourself in any of the numerous such sites or even more. Students will contact you if they want to hire you as a teacher or trainer.

8. Mentor: There are online sites now, that advertise for individuals to become a mentor on their site. Depending on your qualification, you can earn on being a mentor to each student.

9. Influencer: If you have a significant amount of followers on social networks, you can work as an influencer. Marketers will contact you to advertise their product on their page. You can earn a good amount by this means of online opportunity without investment.

10.  YouTube Channel: Found of making videos? You can earn from it. Your YouTube channel can be on any particular topic of your choice. With the simple phone camera, you can start making your videos and post them on YouTube. When you reach a set number of followers, you will have the option of advertisement display on your channel, through which you can earn handsomely.

11.  Virtual Assistant: Many online sites and freelancing sites offer you part-time or full-time jobs as a virtual assistant. The pay can be hourly, weekly or monthly. Examples of tasks include website management, counselling, book-keeping, research, customer care executives etc.

12.  PTC Sites: There are countless PTC sites online which requires registered users as members. In this, you need to click on advertisements for the set number of seconds and get paid for it. There is no investment required to do such a task. If you opt for this job to earn money online without investment, then do your research well to find the best sites who pay the best.


Though tempting, do your research well before signing up for any of these sites. If some of these sites assure you massive payments for services offered with a little investment, do not register yourself. There are genuine sites. Search for them.