Bounce House Rental: Why a Bounce House is a Great Idea for Your Next Party


Recent surveys indicate that parents are spending hundreds of dollars on their children’s birthday parties. The food alone can range anywhere from $10-$20 per child, but it’s the themes and entertainment that cost the most. Parents invest in decorations, impersonators, and even live reptiles.

While these do bring a lot of fun to a party, there are better ways to provide entertainment for much less.


With a bounce house rental, parents can provide an exciting and fun party experience that can last for hours. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of renting a bounce house, and important details to consider.

Benefits of Bouncing

This great article explains the best benefits of a bounce house rental, the most obvious being that it will keep kids occupied for hours.

Furthermore, bounce houses are easy to manage, and most rentals can be blown up in a matter of minutes.

Bounce houses encourage physical activity. Kids already have plenty of energy, but sugar from birthday cake and ice cream will maximize it. A bounce house engages children, gives them a chance to expend extra energy, and will tire them out in the process.

Bounce houses offer benefits to the parents as well. They offer a confined space that makes it easier to supervise plenty of children at once.

Choosing a Bounce House Rental

Another advantage of bounce house rentals is the opportunities for customization and theme.

There are typical bounce houses with a large floor, primarily for jumping. However, there are also bounce houses with obstacle courses, mazes, and jousting platforms that allow children to compete against one another. There are even sports bounce houses with dodgeball arenas, soccer goals, and basketball hoops.

For summer birthday parties, parents should consider a water bounce house rental. These rentals are fashioned like huge water slides with pools at the bottom. Slides can also be attached to standard bounce houses.

Bounce houses can be designed to match any child’s birthday theme.

Rental Considerations

The first step in the rental process is putting “bounce house rental near me” in a google search. This will provide a list of companies that offer rentals in your area. Each company should offer information about their costs and the types of bounce houses available.

When picking the right company, look for renters that have licenses and insurance, as well as positive reviews regarding cleanliness and safety.

Friends and family members might have recommendations for companies they’ve used in the past.

Once you’ve narrowed down the companies, it’s time to think about the price. If the bounce house isn’t the primary entertainment, it may be worth it to get a cheap bounce house rental without attachments or accessories. If it’s the main source of entertainment, a specialized rental will be worth the cost.

A final factor to consider is what each company has to offer in terms of matching the theme of the birthday party.

Guaranteed Party Experience

A bounce house rental is one of the easiest ways to guarantee a fun experience at your child’s birthday party. They provide long-lasting entertainment at a reasonable price and can satisfy a variety of themes and ages.

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