Things You Should Know about Robotic Prostate Surgery

Robotic Prostate Surgery

Prostate cancer may turn fatal if not checked or treated on time. Hence it is important to make sure you meet a qualified surgeon on time. A close check on the symptoms of prostate cancer such as difficulty urinating, constant urge to urinate, change in urination pattern, etc. should be taken seriously.

When detected at an early stage, prostate cancer is treatable. Consulting the best robotic prostate surgeons will help you to understand various treatment options. As far as surgeries go, there are a number of options available these days. Apart from the traditional open surgical removal of prostate cancer, many surgeons are recommending robotic surgery.

Robotic surgery is undertaken by using the advanced da Vinci technique:

How it Works?

Surgeons using the advanced da Vinci technology can remove the affected prostate gland using only a few small incisions (cuts) or just a single small incision. While conducting this surgery, the surgeon sits at a console next to the patient. He operates using tiny instruments.

It is possible for the surgeon to get a high-definition, 3D magnified view inside of the patient’s body by using a camera. The best advantage of the da Vinci system is that it can effortlessly translate each hand movement made by the surgeon in real-time to bend and rotate the instruments with accuracy.

Reasons Surgery with Da Vinci is Suggested

According to a review of published, it is suggested that a radical prostatectomy using the latest robotic Da Vinci technology include the following:

  1. Erectile Function – Patients experience a similar or even faster return of erectile function as compared to those who had gone through open surgery.
  2. Urinary Continence – Most patients may experience a faster return of urinary continence as compared to patients who had gone through open surgery. With robotic prostate surgery, one can expect to get back to a normal routine within six months of surgery.
  3. Complete Recovery – Research has revealed that patients who had open surgery with robotic da Vinci are less likely to get readmitted to the hospital after leaving. Recovery is healthy and complete.
  4. Fewer Complications – Patients may experience fewer complications after robotic prostate surgery. Those who had open surgery are more prone to complications arising from surgery.
  5. Shorter Hospital Stay – After surgery using a Vinci technique, patients may stay in the hospital for a shorter span of time as compared to patients who go for open surgery.

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Some Important Questions to Ask your Doctor about Robotic Prostatectomy before making the Final Decision:

– Is it the only and best option available for me?

– What do you suggest for my situation?

– What are the differences between open, laparoscopic, and robotic-assisted surgery?

– How long will it take to recover from the surgery?

– What level of pain can I expect? 

After Robotic Prostate Surgery

Most people want to know what they may experience post robotic prostate surgery. The surgery is non-invasive. Hence, patients can recover faster and the pain is also less. Aftercare required for this surgery is quite less.

In a Nutshell

It is crucial to understand that the decision of getting robotic prostate surgery should be made only under the guidance of an experienced surgeon. So make sure you discuss all available options with your doctor. It is only you and your doctor who can determine whether surgery with da Vinci is an appropriate and safe option for your situation.

You must always ask your surgeon about his or her training in the requisite field, experience, and patient outcomes in the past before making the final decision.