Tips On Caring For Your Air Rifle

Air Rifle

Even though your new air rifle for hunting is technically considered a toy, it still needs to be cared for just like a standard firearm. The smooth firing action and precise shots that you enjoy every time you fire it are only possible if you take proper care of your air rifle. Other than the obvious tips that include not dropping the pneumatic gun, there are five important parts that should always be lubricated. With the right care, your air rifle will always be able to give you precise and accurate shots every time you fire the weapon.

5 Parts That Should Always Be Lubricated

Air Rifle

Most experienced marksmen and air rifle experts recommend lubricating these five parts on your pneumatic weapon every 1000 shots. An easy way to remember this is to simply clean your air rifle after you’ve finished your second box of 500 count BBs or pellets. Not only will this help the air rifle last longer, but it will also keep it accurate so you can make precise shots every time. As a safety tip, always remember to make sure your firearm is unloaded before attempting any type of maintenance.

Piston Seal

If your piston seal is allowed to dry out, it won’t be able to seal the compression chamber. If air begins to leak out, you will experience a decrease in firing power and accuracy. A couple of drops of a lubricating oil will prolong the life of the piston seal and keep your air rifle firing like new. It is important to remember to always use a non-petroleum based lubricant. Otherwise you run the risk of dieseling, which occurs when the petroleum based lubricant explodes upon firing.

Breech Seal

This is the small rubber O ring that is located at the back of the barrel. When this seals dries out, air can escape which will decrease the air rifle’s firing velocity. A couple drops of a non-petroleum based lubricated will prolong the life of the rubber breech seal.

Main Spring

The main spring should be lubricated to keep the air rifle firing smoothly, and this also includes the pneumatic weapon’s hinges and pivot points. A good rule to remember is that any moving part needs to be regularly oiled to keep your air rifle functioning at its optimum level.

The Barrel

One of the most important parts to keep clean and oiled is the air rifle’s barrel. Over time, debris can build up, including damaging rust. A hard bristled brush works best at removing the debris that accumulates from repeated firing, along with an approved rifle cleaner. Once the barrel has been cleaned, a light coating of oil can help protect it from rust and keep your shots precise and accurate. It is important not to get any of the cleaning solution on any of the rubber seals as it can cause them to dry out and crack.

With just a little care and maintenance every 1000 shots, you can keep all of your pneumatic weapons firing like new. Just make sure that the air rifle is unloaded, and that there is no ammo left in the chamber before attempting any maintenance on any firearm.