Tips on How to Introduce a Pocket Knife to your Kid

Pocket Knife

At any age, kids are always curious and they tend to pick on many things including knives and playing with them or probably using them to carve some wood or scrabble something on a tree outside. Though it is good for your child to at least have a pocket knife that he can use while playing, it might sometimes be dangerous and harmful giving a kid a pocket knife if he does not know how to properly handle the knife. You might be asking yourself a few questions like; what is the appropriate age for me to introduce my child to a pocket knife? Or what kind of pocket knife should I give my kid? Well, the following are some of the tips that can help you safely introduce your kid to using a pocket knife.

My Pocket Knife Story

I did a lot of research on what the best pocket knife available was, and thanks to this article I think I found a winner. I ended up buying a Buck 110. The Buck 110 is a classic pocket knife with a lot of history and some practical features. I then gave it to my 8 year old son, and explained how to use it safely. So far he has been very good with his Buck 110, and I’m glad I gave it to him. No accidents yet, and I doubt there ever will be!

Consider the age of the child

For you to be sure your child plays safely with a pocket knife, ensure he is old enough to use it in a way that may not cause harm to his siblings or friends. When a toddler is given a knife at a very tender age he does not even know what a pocket knife is used for. In fact he might end up hurting you in the process of playing with it. You can therefore minimize on the accidents and injuries that might arise as a result of your child carelessly playing with a knife by introducing the knife at a reasonable age. At the age of 7 or 8 a child is old enough to understand how to use a pocket knife while playing. However, there are other kids in that age bracket who might not be responsible enough while playing, hence assessing your child first before giving him a pen knife is very important.

Consider the environment your kid is going to use the knife

Most children do enjoy playing or using a pocket knife around the compound while others can prefer playing with it in the neighborhood or in the woods. Before giving your child a pocket knife despite his curiosity to have it, know how responsible your child will be while using the knife. Your child might be used to playing in the company of friends in the woods having fun ,carving or cutting some stuff and making toys. Knowing your child’s instincts is important because you can be sure your child will return home safely or might not injure other children. There are some other kids who can be responsible enough and use the knife to perform first aid to a friend in case of injury arising from playing with other objects or things.

Give your child prior warning before giving him a pocket knife

You might not be knowing how your child behaves in the company of friends. Therefore before ever thinking of giving your child a pocket knife, issue a prior warning to him that he will receive a beating should he misbehave with the knife or use it in fighting. After giving him the pen knife follow up and know how he is using it and know what action to take if he has made wrong. Alternatively you can advise your kid on the best or responsible way of using the knife. For example you can demonstrate to him on how to use it in carving hence he will be trying to develop on that skill most of the he uses the knife