Top 3 Mods for Yamaha PW80

motorcycle protective riding gea

Some basic modifications can make a huge difference in your bike’s performance and look. The key is to source high-quality motorcycle protective riding gear and genuine Yamaha PW8 parts. If the number of potential mods seems overwhelming, starting with the following three basics is a good way to begin.

1. Fender Eliminator

Many riders do not enjoy the appearance of the stock fenders their bike comes with. These fenders can be very bulky, detracting from the sleek look many Yamaha owners prefer. A fender eliminator kit can help you achieve your preferred look for your motorcycle.

However, it is important to avoid the main problem people encounter when replacing their fenders: light placement. Lower-quality kits may interfere with the proper placement of your tail light and your rear turn signals. Improper light placement can compromise your safety and also lead to a traffic stop and, potentially, a ticket.

Look for a well-made fender kit that fits your bike properly and relocates the lights to comply with safety regulations and traffic laws. The specific rules can vary depending on your location, so read up on your local laws before choosing your kit.

2. Battery Tender

This mod offers little in the way of flashiness but is important for your bike’s safety and performance. No matter what your riding lifestyle looks like, the last thing you need is your battery suddenly dying on you.

The issue with motorcycle batteries is that they can drain much quicker than expected when the bike is not in use. If you have to leave your motorcycle in the garage for an extended time period during the winter season or for other reasons, the battery’s lifespan can be much shorter than you think. Many riders end up having to purchase a new battery much more frequently than should be necessary.

A battery tender keeps your bike’s battery topped up throughout these periods of rest. You can easily install the tender; it typically only requires attaching a couple of cables to your battery. Then, when you need to park your bike for a long time, plug the cables into the tender to save your battery.

3. Suspension Adjustment

Calibrating your bike’s suspension is one of the most important things you can do to optimize your riding experience. Every rider has a different height, weight and riding preference. Adjusting the suspension can make your ride safer, easier to control and much more comfortable.

You can adjust your suspension using a kit or separate components. Depending on your particular goals, you may want a stiffer or looser suspension. Adjusting the suspension can also be a way to lower the motorcycle’s height.

Modifyin the suspension can be a complicated task and involve workign on several components. If you have expertise in working on your bike, you may want to perform this mod yourself. You can also get help from a professional mechanic.

Once you have these basic mods down, you may consider other ways to customize your bike for the best experience. A variety of dirt bike riding gear, replacement parts and bike accessories can help you get the results you want.