Top Kodi Addons to View Bollywood Hindi Movies Online


Apart from Hollywood movies and major TV shows from across the globe, now Kodi users can enjoy Hindi movies also on Kodi. Bollywood movies are of another class, which features many vibrant characters, fantastic songs, action-packed stories, and romantic scenes. Whether you like old Hindi movies of all-time classic hits, Kodi can be an ideal source for you to get access to any title. Read about Backup

This is made possible with the help of many user-friendly Kodi add-ons which can help unlock a new world of Hindi movies online and TV shows in front of you. Let’s explore.

Top Kodi add-ons for Bollywood movies

Let’s talk about the official Kodi add-ons first. You can find these on the official repository of Kodi, published by third-party creators.

1. SnagFilms

It is found to be an ideal source for many Hindi movies and TV shows. You can open this add-on to see a fairly impressive category list. There are about 30 categories with an impressive collection of titles under each. The movies come with HD quality without any streaming lags.

Best free gaming VPNs

Before checking more Kodi add-ons for Hindi movies, let’s have a quick look at some of the top free gaming VPN to gain access to geo-restricted gaming sites too.

  • VyperVPN

VyperVPN has about 700+ servers across the globe at more than 73 locations. There are about 20K+ IP addresses, and you can enjoy a download speed of about 37 Mbps. The provider offers dedicated platform support and the class best speed.  You can use VyperVPN for gaming on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. read about hosting websites

  • Windscribe

This is another good VPN to use for gaming. The VPN has connectivity through 348+ servers at 50 locations. You can enjoy a fairly impressive download and the upload rate of 9.26Mbps and 10.53Mbps respective. There is no limit for a number of devices connectable with Windscribe.

  • TunnelBear

It is an easy to use VPN with about 1000 servers at 20 locations across the globe. Download speed of 24.73Mbps and upload speed is 14.85Mbps. You can connect up to 5 devices through the VPN.

Let’s get back to the list of top Bollywood Kodi add-ons.

2. FilmRise

It is an attractive source of many Indian movies. You can navigate through the list by selecting an appropriate category. You can also do a custom search for the title which you are looking for. You can get the link to FilmRise and the step-by-step guide to install it on Kodi repository.

3. Einthusan

Based on your geographical location, sometimes Einthusan add-on may be restricted to you. However, it is possible to bypass geo-restrictions by using a good VPN to access it from a different IP. Apart from Hindi movies, you can also get an impressive listing of Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil movies, etc. on Einthusan.

4. ErosNOW

Even when many of the other lading Kodi add-ons were closed down over the last few months, ErosNOW stayed strong. You can access an impressive list of movies by using the free version and get unlimited access with a subscription of about $7.99 a month.

Some other add-on options to try for Bollywood movies are YouTube, Atlas Movies, FilmON Simple, Exodus Redux, WatchDogs Video, Neptune Rising, etc., which all can bring the Bollywood fun to your home.