Top Tips for Homeowners before Investing in the Best Grill Cover


You know the uses of a grill cover for outdoor cooking to make it easy and fun. Then, if you are the one organizing regular barbeque lunch or dinner parties for your family or friends, you possibly know why grill covers matter so much. There are a couple of these BBQ grills, which are huge and not easy to set up inside your home, and therefore, setting it up in your garden area is more convenient. Then, you need a quality grill cover to protect your cooking appliance from the elements.

According to an article published on, besides covers, you will find other grill accessories such as grilling tongs, instant-read thermometer, fish turner, and more. Then, when it comes to grill covers, here are some of the best tips before you invest in the product:

Grill cover material

Although most grill covers look identical, each varies when it comes to its material and make. The premium covers protect your cooking appliance from the elements. Let us have a look:

Polyester: This material is commonly used and buyers’ favorite as it is lightweight and durable. Polyester grill covers are suitable for all seasons and climatic conditions and so, you can use the material throughout the year. The material is tough and therefore, lasts for years. You can also ask for chemically treated materials that are sunlight and water-resistant.

Vinyl: Vinyl covers are rainproof and best for patio use if you stay in a tropical zone. When it comes to vinyl BBQ covers, these are ideal for the rainy months, the material being heavy-duty. You should always buy vinyl materials with minimum 12-gauge. Avoid choosing light vinyl covers because these are not durable.

Canvas covers: The material is a substitute for polyester grill covers and perfect for outdoor BBQ, as canvas covers are resistant to varied weather conditions and elements. The material is both sturdy and fireproof. Though beneficial in many ways, canvas covers are not expensive and affordable than polyester.

Perform a reality check of the features

Look for handles, straps, pockets, and air vents. If you find all these features in your grill cover, that is the one for you. The air vent feature is extremely beneficial because air circulation prevents rusting of your favorite grill. The straps or handles help in removing the cover easily as well as ensure it does not blow away when strong winds are blowing. You can use the pockets for storing grill accessories like fish turners, grilling tongs, etc.

Choose the right size

You will not get outdoor grill covers in standard sizes and so, you need to measure your cooking appliance first, and then head for the store. These covers in varied shapes and sizes, which are tailored to offer the best fit.

Buying a wrong-sized cover will not protect your grill, and consequently, dirt, dust, tree sap, bird droppings, critters, squirrels, and opossums may damage your expensive outdoor cooking appliance.

Conclusion Now that you have these tips, buy the right BBQ grill cover of the best quality to prevent damage to your cooking appliance. Happy eating!