Utilizing Deep Learning to Boost Health Care

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A part of Machine Learning, Deep learning utilizes artificial neural networks which has a huge potential in predictive analytics. Training deep learning neural networks require huge data sets but once it is ready, the system is efficient enough to make accurate predictions and take decisions accordingly. Today we do not lack data as quintillion bytes of data is being generated and stored across the globe. The health care system to generates a humongous amount of clinical data and which when utilized can unlock great values.

How is deep learning utilized in health care?

It can be utilized to manufacture self-diagnostic kits or smart diagnosis machines that can make a simple diagnosis quickly and provide relief to a lot of medical professionals. It implemented machines can also be utilized for solving complicated tasks in health care and deep learning methods are already immensely successful.

Let’s take a look at two examples:

Fast diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy using deep learning.

A team of Finnish experts from Aalto University developed a model to help people with eye-related problems induced by diabetes. The task of the model is to speedily and efficiently diagnose diabetic retinopathy. A huge data set of high definition images was provided to the deep learning model and it was trained according to the predictive features of the disease. Soon the model was not only able to diagnose the disease efficiently but also detected the severity accurately!

Detection of cancer cells within milliseconds

With the help of the deep learning approach, researchers at UCLA and NantWorks have developed a device that can detect cancer cells in a fraction of second. The neural networks used by UCLA researchers are trained by huge data sets generated from the time-stretch instruments. The method proved highly successful in the determination of cancer virtually instantaneously that too without extracting biophysical parameters of the cell!

How India can benefit from it?

A lot of patients die in India due to lack of timely diagnosis and as per estimates of MCI, India currently has one doctor for nearly 1668 patients! Such a ratio is very dangerous and only a miracle can save the health care sector of India. And deep learning is nothing less than a miracle for India. Thus, it is all set to revolutionize the country and already its adoption rate is very high in India. You too can partake in this revolution by joining an institute and acquiring the necessary skills in the field. Moreover, a course from a Deep Learning institute will immensely increase your employability in a variety of industrial sector as India is rapidly embracing digital transformation.