What are the best shoes for concrete floors?

Concrete floor shoes

Characteristics of the concrete floors

Usually made of cast iron and concrete the building floors could become the most demanding stepping surface for workers. This imposes greater risks for your safety when working on those floors and needs special attention to acquire the best concrete floor shoes directly can help you.

Concrete floors are most of the times newly shaped from high-quality and hardness concrete having iron blades in its mass to become more durable against environmental pressures. This stiffness is transformed to increased adverse powers exerted to workers footbed and giving them acute painful syndromes that may limit their ability to work in construction business.

This type of concrete floors is not adequate for continuous walking since it doesn’t produce enough friction for the safe passage and sometimes it has extra dusty areas that can harm the outsole permanently. Not to mention, that there may be areas where the iron blades are exiting the concrete surface and could possibly harm the integrity of the shoes and provoke minor or severe impacts to the walking workers.

Abilities of concrete compatible shoes

Shoes that could give you more comfort when walking on concrete floors are the ones that can be durable and protective for your feet at the same time. Most of the newly presented brand shoes are accumulating all latest technologies to ensure your satisfaction when wearing them during the construction process.

The EVA midsole is the latest trend for construction shoes and consists of a special foamy layer being places between the outsole and insole structures. This foamy material can easily follow the shape of your feet and create a protective net for the sensitive soft tissues of your feet. This is where the pain is triggered and when you have the proper protection there is no need for worrying.

The insole tends to be softer and smoother. With extra cushioning placed in the heel and foot curve areas the insole keeps on being the most important part of the shoes. It can offer you the chance to walk freely on concrete floors with no associated pain and this can be great for users that need to work long hours in construction sites.

Not to mention, that many modern insoles are having great anti-sweat abilities to enhance the hygiene profile of the concrete workers. Friction that is produces between the socks and the insole may be useful to maintain a certain level of balance while waking on concrete floors, but it can also cause swollen feet and irritation to the workers.

That is why most of the modern brand shoes are equipped with this type of insoles to make you feel confident that you will keep on working comfortably.

Going on to the next part of the shoes, we meet the outsole. This has been the part receiving most of the innovations concerning the comfort and safety of concrete workers. Since that part is in constant touch with the floor it needs to be more durable and extremely flexible to increase the mobility of the worker.

Most of the times, the outsole is equipped with larger lugs that increase the friction rate with the concrete floors. As a result, better grip and traction is provided to the user and safety can be also increased to unprecedented levels.

Another crucial factor for the outsoles tends to be its solid structure. The special rubber alloy that is made of must be neutral to reactions with the forming concreter of the floors. That is important to ensure the integrity of the outsole at any given time, since leaks that can be formed on the rubber surface may easily tear the outsole when extra flexibility is needed to overpass an obstacle on the site.

If the outsole is not intact during impacts can severely injure the concrete worker when walking on concrete floors.

Final thoughts for the right concrete shoes

When looking for the right shoes to walk on concrete floors you need to consider the comfort levels, they offer you as well as the protection they provide. These two factors must be ideally combined to give you the best walking concrete pair of shoes you ever had.

Durability remains the main center of attention for such floors since small particles of concrete can easily pass through the shoes and irritate your feet. Additionally, the waterproof outer layers of the shoes can give you the freedom to work on concrete floors even under the most adverse weather conditions.

Finally, the lacing system must be addressed professionally. Absent or present, the lacing system always needs to hold steadily the ankle and foot arch areas to ensure proper gait. Walking on concrete floors can be an easy task when you are equipped with the right footwear.