What Are The Interesting Activities One Can Do In Auli?

Auli Tourism

Are you looking for the best place to enjoy your vacation? Choose Auli Tourism for greenery, rocky, chilly holidays. It is a great place to visit. No matter about the season you will have a differed experience each season. If you want a mild climate then choose to visit here during the summer season. This place is famous for the ski resort and you will really enjoy by visiting this place.

Things to do at Auli Tourism:

Look at the awesome things you can do in Auli once after your visit.


When comes to trekking in this place Gurso Bugyal is the only place. It is located in a distance of 3 km from Auli. It is the best trekking that you would have never ever experienced in any of the places. Summer is the right time to trek this place and you will reach the middle of the hill during this trekking. It will be expanded to a distance of 3056 meters. But most of the time it is to trek in the day time and to come back before it is dark.


If you are ski lover then Auli is the place of the ski. In specific you will have an unexpected skiing experience in the Auli artificial lake. It is the largest manmade lake in the world. It is made to attract tourists and it looks best when you choose to visit in the month of June. The freshwater from the snow guns will give an equal and proper surface to ski. You can also choose to visit this place during the winter season.


For hiking, Kwani Bugyal is a perfect choice. It is the best place for those who love adventure. It will be conducted in a distance of 10, 991 feet. During July that is exactly in the summer season, you can visit here to enjoy hiking as well as trekking. Also the months between June to September good to visit here.

Cable car:

One of the adventurous and challenging activities it is also conducted in the Gurso Bugyal of Auli. The rope will travel to a distance of 500 meters. You know it is the cable car rope ride that travels to this distance in Asia and an exciting one as well. none of the rope rides has this distance but this has. s

When is the right time to go for Auli Tourism?

You can choose Auli Tourism in any season. When you choose to visit this place during summer then you must visit here from mid of March to June. During monsoon, you can visit from July to October. Also in the winter season, you can visit here from November to March. The reason why most of the tourists are fall for this place is because of the skiing. It is a famous place to ski and you will enjoy all the seasons. Thence visit Auli in the mentioned time and then have a great holiday.