What Are The Signs of Sexual Frustration?

Sexual Frustration

Sexual frustration signs are harder to notice. There are many signs and symptoms shown in different forms when one is frustrated sexually. Few are obvious while few are subtle but both type signs are obvious.

There is a popular belief that only men feel the signs of sexual frustration but it isn’t true as both the genders go through a rough phase of sex in life, so sexual frustration is common for both. In fact, it’s even more common in women of childbearing age.

Here are a few common signs of sexual frustration. If you feel like you have one or  more of the symptoms mentioned below, speak to an expert to get out of this stage as sex not only impacts the body but also the mind. 

Cold feeling or hostility towards others

This is more of a subtle sign when one is sexually frustrated. The hormones begin to mess with the head and starts getting all kinds of funky and unrealistic emotions, especially towards the people you’re attracted sexually. 

An unsatisfied and intense desire

This is how many define sexual frustration. The person suffering from sexual frustration acts as if he/she is a first-timer and a pure virgin. Pretending everywhere and they act as if they are learning regarding sex for the first time in their life.

Pressure or pain in the genital region

This is a physical manifestation that can be easily noticed. Pain and pressure in the private parts are very common. Sadly the pain is not only intense but annoying.

In case you’re not aware of the sexually frustrated phase and your body doesn’t notice it this is how the brain says about the dire situation.

An isolated feeling

This is another way in which the body hormones mess up with the head. You begin to feel immensely lonely and deserted. This situation makes you die for physical connection and companionship.

Lessened self-esteem

If you haven’t still satisfied your desires even after receiving all the signs and symptoms from the body, it gears up to another mode wherein you start feeling yourself much lesser than you are and enter into the feeling of lowered self-confidence and esteem.


If the situation carries on for long then you might enter into a depressive state. This is the point, where this frustration will begin to affect other areas of your life and worsen the condition even more.  

Substituting other stimulants like food

Sex impulses can turn out to be a kind of compulsion. If you are an addictive personality in addition to love having sex and are not having.

Then chances are you will try ways to substitute it with other activities like drinking, eating and many other forms of activities to fill the gap that has aroused due to sexual inactivity. So, the next time you think of eating something just to forego the sexual frustration try masturbating instead. 

The longing to commit

It may sound illogical but this is true in some people. When the intensity of sex wards off people usually end up committing to each other. This emotional commitment gives a sense of comfort and wellbeing, the same feeling one gets from having sex.

Not feeling intense sexual feeling will be substituted with strong commitment as emotional bonding will tighten up.  

Not interested in masturbation

This is another hardcore sign of sexual depression or frustration. People just become reluctant to explore their body and pass on time. The reason is simple; the body is full of stimulated and accumulated stress which eventually doesn’t allow the body to enjoy the stimuli. Although, when one starts trying this there is no enjoyment and it happens routinely.

Overreacting negatively

The negative reaction even for small and unwanted actions is common. Have you ever been told by someone that YOU NEED TO GET LAID then this only means they were correct, what you need is getting laid and this is what you don’t have, unfortunately. Lack of sex leads to overreaction and, that too, in a negative way.

Lack of satisfaction after having sex

Even though you decide to have sex and have it but the irony is at the end you are not satisfied. The problem could be either with you or your partner.

In case you feel there’s a problem with your partner talk to him/her and get it solved. Pretending to have enjoyed a lot only heightens the problem and increases the frustration.


Being hypersensitive is also one more subtle sign of sexual frustration. The sense of humor is no more present and you can’t take things positively. You can’t withstand even the slightest criticism or satire. All this is due to sexual frustration which shows up in this form.

You don’t feel attractive to self

Your confidence is no more, there is no more sense of humor and so your self-image is no more attractive to you. All of a sudden mirror isn’t an object that you wish to go for once you wake up. 

Jealous Rages

The more the sexual frustration increases the more one gets into a jealous feeling which is the biggest sign of sexual frustration. You begin to become jealous when your partner is being appreciated by others or he/she gets admired and attracted to someone else.

More sexual fantasies

Having sex is real and fantasizing about it is fake. The more fantasies about sex the more unrealistic your sex life is. Sexual fantasies indicate that you want sex more and more but you are having less and less. Get out of this and start enjoying sex in reality.

Sleep disorders

It is another sexual frustration sign that can be mistaken for other signs. The minute you try to sleep you find yourself fiddling on the bed. You will not be able to sleep still the body is highly energetic, a rare sleep disorder condition symptom. In some cases, sleep disorders can be a symptom of another medical or mental health condition. Lack of sex stores your energy intact and this keeps you awake for longer hours.

Giving up on being laid

You no more wish to have sex or getting laid. The basic desire to have sex dies out and you care less about your physical appearances which only means you are sexually frustrated. Personal hygiene, dressing and grooming are no more important for you.

All these are signs of frustrated sexual signs. Sex is a beautiful thing; don’t let it ruin your life. Talk to your partner if things don’t work out talk to an expert and get them solved.

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