What camera do I need to do vlogging (video blogging)?


Vlogging or video blogging is one of the most favorite platform in present time. So you can start it. But now the question is, what camera do I need to do vlogging (video blogging)?  Or what is the best vlogging camera in present time? Okay nice! Wait I explain it:

In just 6 months it has already made over 50 videos video blog style. Almost half I have done while traveling. Taking into account that each vlogneeds between 4 and 8 hours (sometimes more) in editing, is not an easy achievement.

It was not my intention to make such videos. In one type of video where you’re counting your life through the camera. My intention was to make teaching video for my vlog, however, when I started doing avideo with many planes, stages, movement, etc. I discovered that this was something he enjoyed more. While traveling I went off even more of my intention, which was always put a positive story or teaching in each video, but I’m still finding my way in the “visual world”. To make good vlogs not need a special camera. You could use whatever you have to start even mobile.

Mobile camera vlogging

Today the new cameras have something important to the vlogging or video blog, which is a motion stabilizer. When you are walking or doing any plane, moving this device smooth’s, the movement much more enjoyable to see. Otherwise, the video is very sharp and is not so good. The high-end phones like the iPhone carry stabilizing and have high-quality cameras (as high as possible with such a small target). You can also use a more modest mobile, as I have. It is a Motorolla Moto G, third generation. Also it cost is not out of range. The recording quality / image is pretty good. 16mp has on the front and 5mp selfie camera in camera. In a pinch, I also used the phone with decent results. In my case, however, I must leave the phone still when recording, because it has no stabilizer.

At the beginning of this video (from 0:27), I recorded a tennis player with mobile using a mini-tripod attached to track separator, as it had not taken me any camera that day.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital – Wi-Fi Enabled

Now my main camera to film the vlog is the Canon Powers-hot G7x. This little bug is great for shooting in places where there is to be discreet because it is a small compact camera. The quality is pretty good but not as good as a camera reflex. I put it in “auto” and leave it in auto focus, normally at least you see the camera makes messes and do not know where to focus. Lo auto-focusing is wonderful and you can do follow your moving face touching the screen. Previously you had to always focus first with photo cameras. Another important thing is the Canon PowerShot G7 is the screen that swivels to watch you while you record you talking (like a video-selfie with mobile). The only downside I put this camera is that does not have plug speaker and it is also quite fragile. I do a lot of crazy recording, follies in the sense that they are things that cannot be done with cameras in hand because they can burst. A more prepared for combat camera would be good.

I also use a bit of my camera, the Canon 550D. It is the basic reflex camera Canon came out in 2010. The first vlogs made them all with this camera. It was more work focus and the whole story. The recording quality is better than the Powers hot but auto focus and a screen that swivels. Soon I’ll buy the Canon EOS 80D, considered the best camera for vlogging if you want better quality without taking up a heavy camera and prohibitively expensive everywhere, the 80D is the best.

In short, the important thing is not only the camera, it is also the quality of content. But you can not make quality videos with an only camera and editing software. You need the best camera! If you learn more or details guideline of what are the perfect cameras for video blogging in the present market, you can visit this site.