What is the best air purifier in the market?

air purifier

In order to choose the best air purifiers in India, it is necessary to know the mechanism of the device well and evaluate its technical specifications. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the extent of the space to be purified and then understand if you want to improve the air of the whole apartment or just a specific sector. In this way, you can choose an appropriate air purifier model without risking buying one or too much or not very powerful.

Secondly, it is good to evaluate the actual suction capacity of these air purifiers for home, very different depending on the models available on the market:

Ozone air purifiers. In this case, the microorganisms present in the air are eliminated thanks to the release of high quantities of ozone, despite the great efficiency, this type of device is not very successful, there are conflicting opinions on how much it can hurt or not.

Air purifiers with ionizer. This device, on the other hand, provides for the insertion of an ionizer inside it capable of eliminating the micro particles present in the air, charging them positively and negatively and therefore forcing them to attach themselves to a specific point. It goes without saying that this tool cannot completely eliminate these substances and consequently not even the relative smells.

Air purifiers with HEPA filter. The use of this system dates back to the Second World War, during which it was used to eliminate the emission of radioactive particles from nuclear reactors. Its effectiveness is as much as 99.97% but the cost of the relative models is considerable as well as that of the spare filters, which must be purchased frequently. In some cases they are also equipped with an LED lamp that manages to keep the filter clean and therefore reduces the need for replacement.

Air purifiers: installation and maintenance

The air purifiers that must act throughout the home must be of adequate size, in very large rooms it is recommended to place more than one. Instead, in the event that the range of action of the air purifier is limited to one room, you can also purchase a small device as we will see further on.

Once the device has been installed, it is advisable to carry out periodic maintenance to allow the filter to function properly and then remove all the residues of dust from the relative blades by using a soft brush and a microfiber cloth. Portable home purifiers do not need a particular installation, they can be put into operation as soon as they are removed from the packaging, and this has made this category of purifiers the most purchased in recent years.

In addition, it is good to know that, in any case, the filters of the air purifiers must be changed every 3/6 months, given their wide use, to always guarantee perfect device operation.

Obviously, the progress of technology has also influenced the design of these devices, making them indispensable devices, able to satisfy the most disparate needs of its customers. In fact, on the market you can find ultra silent, portable models that can guarantee perfect relaxation for the people in the house.