What is Yu-Gi-Oh and how to play it


Yu-Gi-Oh is a card-based game but tougher than the conventional ones normally played by people. The central concept of the game is summoning monsters and using them to get an upper hand on your opponents. The game requires careful strategy and analytical planning. It surely cannot be played with a straightforward approach. Try Yu-Gi-Oh Calculator to calculate your game points.

Developing an understanding of the cards

Before you start playing the game, you should know everything about the card types and monster categories. This information would help you in making the correct moves. The following points provide related information.

  • There are a variety of monsters in the game. The cards show how these monsters differ from each other. The monsters have different levels which are rated on a scale of 1 to 12. The level is identified on each card. Along with that, there is an attribute for each monster. Each of them can be an attacking monster or a defensive one. They are summoned in accordance with the situation of the game and the position of the player.
  • In terms of powers, you have effect monsters and normal monsters. If you talk about normal monsters, they do not damage the opponent on a major scale. On the other hand, effect monsters help the player in getting an upper hand. Players use the effect monsters when they want to get a dominant hand on the opponent.

The steps to summon the monster

Apart from knowing about the monster types, it is required to have information about how monsters are summoned. There are three ways through which you can summon the required monster on the field. The first one is the standard. If this option is being used, you can summon a monster once only. This is the restriction which you need to follow. The second option to summon the monster is a special one. Using this option, the monster can be summoned for innumerable times and no restriction is applied. The third option to summon the monster is using the flip option. When the player uses this alternative, the monster card is placed upside down initially and then flipped upward when the need is there.

Spell cards and their types

This game is all about getting an upper hand on your opponents through spell casts. Three of the summon types are fusion, XYZ and Synchro spell. All these spells have different parameters and need to be used in a varying manner.

The right deck is important

A game is won with the help of good moves but a lot depends on the card you have. It is expected that you cannot win a game if the correct cards are not present. For this purpose, you need to construct the correct deck. If you have the best cards, you would be able to make the perfect moves without any problem.

  • A total of 40 to 60 cards in a deck. However, users have to make sure that the correct cards have been selected. You need to have the correct combination so that the best moves can be made. If you have the perfect spells and monsters, it would be easy to get an upper hand on the opponents.

Summing it up This game is quite exciting but you have to keep a check on some important aspects. You need to keep a check on the correct cards and moves. If you are aware of the spells and monsters, it would be much easier to get an upper hand on the opponents. In addition to that, your position in the game would depend a lot on how you construct your deck. Players who have the correct cards win games without any problem.