What Places To see and what to do in the Chitwan


There are numerous activities to do in the Park. The most common are excursions to see animals, which can be done in different ways that we will tell you below. However, something quite forgotten is to know a little more about the people who inhabit the area. In addition, the landscapes with their rice terraces are very beautiful, especially if you visit at sunset. Before continuing, we will comment that if you come with the intention of seeing Bengal tigers, it is very difficult for that to happen. The area where the few tigers that inhabit the park are concentrated is one of the most remote and remote, so the excursions do not reach there. It could happen that some clueless tiger had moved away, but it is a tremendously scarce possibility.

When you walk around the park, you can learn more about the day-to-day life of the people who live here. On the one hand, you can visit a village and see how they work and the crafts they do. As well as animal care, rice harvesting, etc. Visiting the area quietly will give you a series of very curious images, such as the bathroom of the premises (with soap and everything) in the river sharing a bath with the buffalo. We recommend that you do not just do the park safaris.

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River canoe ride

It is one of the most recommended activities since from the canoe you will have a great view of the birds that inhabit the area, as well as the possibility of seeing crocodiles. Typical canoes are made of wood, with a base of an empty tree trunk inside. It fits about 10 people and it is an essential activity to do in Chitwan.

Jeep ride

Although it is a very common and valid option if you do not want to make a lot of effort, it is not recommended to see animals. They make a lot of noise and that scares all the animals that may be around. Even so, it is not so difficult to see rhinos, the “easiest” animals to see in this park, as well as monkeys, deer, and elephants. If you have mobility problems or are not physically fit, it is a very valid way to visit the park.

Trekking through the park

It was our favorite activity in combination with the canoe ride. It is the least intrusive and most natural way to enter the park and the chances of seeing animals are greater. It was in this way that we could see a group of rhinos bathing in a small pond. At first, we only observed a couple of them, but then they came more than crossed from the tall grass to the pond. It was a spectacle and one of the best experiences we lived in Nepal.

Without a doubt, it was very special to observe these spectacular animals in their habitat and without any intrusive maneuver. Although they are dangerous animals, it is relatively safe to do this trekking since you go with an experienced guide. It will always give you a series of instructions, among which you should keep in mind to place yourself in a place higher than animals.

Elephant rides

Let’s go with the tricky issue. You will see a thousand options for activities with elephants, from visiting a recovery center to walks and baths with them. We always try to raise awareness about this issue because it seems important to us. Elephants should be free and not used as a tourist tool in any way. Elephants are wild animals and their domestication is painful and suffering for the palindrome. 

Where to sleep near the park

As we said before, Sauraha is the base to stay near the park. You should know that Sauraha is a very tourist place because it lives by and for the park, and it has become the perfect base to visit the area. There are a large number of hotels and hostels of all types and for all budgets. By now you should know that Nepal is a very economical country so we advise you to look for a hotel with more quality. If you can afford to stay in the center of the Park, in one of the lodges, the experience will improve substantially.