What to consider in case of T shirt printing?


T shirt is one of the most popular outfits which both men and women like to wear. They are casual and comfortable. Not only that, they do have a lot of designs and cuts which make them even more stylish.

T shirt designing and online T shirt printing has also become a very popular outlet for the ones who love to do some creative. Putting some new and unique designs on the T shirts can be very much appealing and personalised T shirts to customised T shirts; everything has become really popular these days.

But when one wants to be into T shirt designing then they need to do some proper research and then take each and every step thoughtfully to go ahead:

Take time to explore the concept

First and foremost one has to zero down to a T shirt design or a few designs to start with. Creating a few variations is a must and one needs to do and re do them before they think of finalising the concept. There can be a particular theme for the designs or there can be an approach to some particular designs which can make a way to become your signature design later on. But one always needs to explore the creative options and see what is already out there in the market. Then only one can finalise their concept.

 Imagine the design on a T shirt

Once the designs and concepts are finalised, one has to imagine the design on the T shirts. One has to know that design on the screens and the same design on print may look vastly different. So, one can just put the design on the screens and then take a print out of it. Then one can put that print out on a blank T shirt to see how it looks like. If the artwork looks good on the T shirt, then one can go ahead with that design.

Details should be given a lot of importance

Those who are creating the new designs to the T shirts, they need to give some attention to the details. If the artwork is well executed then it always looks better on a T shirt. Giving attention to the details is very much important but at the same time, one also needs to keep it very simple. Simple designs always send a clear message and are pocked by all.

Consider the market

If one wants to keep designing T shirts for both male and female they need to target a particular age group and then conceptualise their designs. If one wants to target the corporate market to make only brand logo T shirts and customised T shirts then one needs to check the latest custom design options and try to make it unique so that they look different from the other usual customised designs. For regular designs one can choose a theme or a particular concept which can cater certain consumers.

 Keep the humour subtle

Choose the right colours

When it comes to printed T shirts, if one wants to make those ever popular quoted T shirts or some cartoon printed T shirts then they need to be very careful about their humour that they print and try to sell. There should be nothing offensive or any cheap joke which can make the T shirt look on bad terms. This can very well hamper the reputation if anyone feels harmed by those.

T shirts can offer array of colours. But not every design or artwork suit every colour. So, one always needs to choose some complementary colours according to the designs. Basic colours like black and white and other solid colours can be the best fro initial try as most of the designs can sit well on those colours.

Prepare the artwork properly

One needs to prepare their designs very minutely and expand the strokes if they are needed. One can also go for a printing workshop and learn how to do it, if they want to do it on their own. Source a good printer because it is also a huge necessity. No matter how intricate the design it and how much attention has been given to the artwork, it will look the same on the T shirts only of it comes out from a good printer.

Self design T shirts India has become very much popular. People are not only designing to flaunt their own styles but they are also doing it and selling them online or through stores so that others can get a chance to wear them too. If one is doing it with a business mind, then apart from the designs one also needs to check more about the sized, labelling options and the end product in total. They also have to keep the pricing on their mind.