Why Buy a Local SIM Card the Next Time You Travel to Japan

japan local sim card

Japan is one of the most visited countries in the world. Tourists are fascinated by its culture of putting the collective first over the individual. It is amazing how it managed to reach first world status following the devastation it suffered in the Second World War. From food, anime, flower arrangement, and harmony with nature, Japan has contributed to the world’s culture.

The county is averaging about 30 million foreign visitors a year. Most of them go to Japan to soak in the local culture, others for education, and some simply want to tick off an item on their bucket list.

Whatever the reason, their smartphones would be their best ally, especially since only about 20-30% of the population can speak and understand English at some level. Also, Japan’s subways and train system is notoriously confusing for most tourists, although it is also one of the world’s most efficient.

While travellers usually activate roaming charges to retain their number, there are a number of benefits to buying a Japan sim the next time you visit the country.

What is a Japan SIM Card?

A local SIM card is a card that you can purchase online, which allows you to send texts or make voice calls during the duration of your stay. In most cases, you can also browse the Internet using the card. It is the best option when you are staying in the country for a prolonged period.

This type of card is not only limited to Japan. Most international destinations offer a local SIM card for sale. They will also help you set up the SIM card, especially in countries where you need to register the card. Upon activation, you can use the remaining credits during your stay.

Benefits of a Japan SIM Card

Here are the advantages when you buy a Japan sim card:

1. Save on cost

Except for a small percentage of travellers, you are always looking at your expenses when you are on vacation. As experienced travellers know, the two most expensive parts of the budget would be accommodation and food. With Japan, you can save by sleeping on hotel capsules, which are a cheap alternative if you are not claustrophobic. For food, convenience stores have meals-to-go that are affordable.

However, you will find yourself checking your smartphone and using data charges for translation, directions, and booking for attractions or nearby hotels. Using a local SIM will allow you to save on the exorbitant roaming charges.

2. Easily reachable

For those with friends and family in Japan, they can reach your local number without incurring costs since the calls are free. In the same vein, you can call them anytime and rack up the minutes without worrying about blowing your budget. You can reach them for directions when you are lost or call them for help when the subway map gets too confusing. You will also be included in the loop of government alerts, like for incoming typhoons or any other danger.

Lastly, buying a Japan sim is very convenient as you can do this online. You can buy a prepaid card and pick it up at the airport upon your arrival. They will help you activate your card and refill the credits once you use up the balance.