Why it is important to wear a gold nose ring for every bride in India?


We all must have seen one or two Indian weddings in our lives. If you have noticed, then you must know that every Indian bride wears a gold nose ring. We have seen it several times, but really do not know its importance. So, here are some points that will help you in knowing the importance of it, if you are curious.

  • The very first reason for which one should wear a nose ring as a bride has its connection with the mythology. In Hindu mythology, specifically, it is nose ring is considered as the symbol of marriage. It is believed that girls wear a nose ring, first at their wedding day and then continue to wear it afterward for the whole of their life. It is also believed that a married woman should not remove a nose pin from her nose. It is said that to wear a nose ring, one actually has to get her nose pierced and that is seen as a way to pay respect to the Goddess Parvati.

This is, however, seen in every religion and we could say that it is a must wear ornament not only for Hindu woman but for every Indian woman.

  • Another reason for wearing a nose ring is actually associated with the health of a woman. We all know that, if you want to wear a nose ring, you will have to get a piercing done. So, it is said that if a girl or a lady has a piercing on her nose and wears a nose ring, she will feel less pain during her periods days. Now, this is a belief in the Indian Ayurveda.

Not just this, the piercing that is done in the nostril is done on the left one and there is a reason behind that also. It is said that the veins of the left nostril are directly attached to the woman reproductive system and if the piercing is done there, the lady will go through less pain during childbirth.

  • 3. The next reason behind this compulsion is actually a superstition and we are sure that not everyone out there would believe it. It is said that the nose ring actually filters the air for its wearer. So, it is a compulsion to wear at least a single stone nose pin, so that she inhales pure air. It is believed that inhaling bad hair could affect the health of her husband. Thus, she should wear a nose ring, which acts as a filter for the air. 
  • Another reason for which wearing a nose ring had become a compulsion for most of the Indian women is that it is seen as a financial symbol in most of the family. It is hard to believe, but this is the truth. A nose ring actually determines the financial state of the family. The size of the nose ring increases, as the family sees financial growth. Be it any size, one could easily buy a gold nose pin online.

These are the reasons for which a bride wears a nose ring. All are hard to believe but are followed for thousands of years now.