Why Vapers Are Safe with Regulated Vaping Products, as per Experts

Vapers Are Safe with Regulated Vaping

Amid the conspiracy on vaping, health experts have said that users of regulated vaping products and accessories are safe. This has come after the USA accused the habit of causing respiratory illnesses in the country that has already caused some deaths.

According to the official in America, almost 500 vapers, especially the youths, are under strict scrutiny to understand the effects of vaping on them. All of them have a severe respiratory problem while six of their counterparts have already succumbed. Related signs in almost every one of these vapers include difficulties in breathing, shortness of breath, headache, fever, and coughing, among some other related signs. All of this has received a public outcry with the affected families demanding answers from the experts.

FDA’s Stand

As we know, the FDA regulates the manufacture, sale, and use of vaping products just like in the case of tobacco. According to them, people should keep high-THC vaping products at bay. This is followed by tough regulations of marijuana products in some states. They believe that these products have a psycho-effective effect.

Another tightly-regulated product is the use of nicotine in vaping products. It has been linked to numerous health effects like the ones that we have discussed above.

The FDA and other bodies in the USA have condemned the use of backstreet vaping products since they are not tested. Vapers should use what they are sure of.

What the UK Has to Say

On the other hand, Public Health England has assured vapers in the UK that they are safe. So far, there are no cases linking deaths to this habit. The government has assured its citizens that they are doing everything possible to warrant their safety. Therefore, you can feel free to buy vaping products for your ecig mods and other vaping devices while in the UK. However, users have to take a lot of caution when buying their products. They must observe the following tips according to the experts from tobacco control units:

Buy products that are regulated. There is a lot of information on relevant websites and publications. The authorities keep people informed in many ways and it is good to follow their advice.

Consider vaping as a hazardous habit that has consequences. As such, all vapers are advised to do it responsibly. Although its harm is just a fraction of smoking, it is not a completely safe process.

Using Regulated Vaping Products is Safe

Europe regulates the use of nicotine vaping products. As such, the UK is one of the countries that has complied. There is a lot of encouragement to use non-nicotine products for beginners, intermediaries, and even experienced vapers.

According to a public health professional based at Edinburgh University, products that do not contain nicotine and high levels of THC are less likely to cause respiratory problems or death. She mentioned that there is a high likelihood of complications to be triggered by other causes. However, she cautioned that vaping could aggravate the condition if it has already occurred.

Final Word

Vapers who use tested and approved vaping products are safe, according to experts. Those who go against this and resort to backstreet products might be exposing their lives to uncertain dangers. Thus, all vapers should take caution.