Why Women Reject Men

Why Women Reject Men

Deciphering the Code: The Common Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Asking someone out on a date takes a lot of guts. There is no question about it.

Taking the risk and asking her out is going to take some nerve on your part. The most stomach turning part of this seemingly innocent task is that she could possibly say no. But, what if you could know if she was going to say those dreaded words before you ever opened your mouth to say something to her? You may just be able to do just that. The following are a few of the reasons why women reject men so that you can look for the signs well before you make the commitment to ask her that dreaded but exciting question.

The Details:

1. You Set the Bar Low: Women are intuitive creatures. They will know if you are not treating them with respect or if you think of them as an object rather than a person. If you are too informal or too flirty with your approach, there is a good chance that you are going to get shutdown. One of the biggest reasons why women reject men is because they feel that the man has set the bar too low for them. Setting your own standards high is not only likely to get you a yes, but it is likely to get you a yes from the right woman.

2. You Act Too Young: It is okay to have your own interests and your own areas of focus. From comic book hobbies to playing card trading, the right women will be attracted to all of these things or at least tolerate your interest in them. However, certain activities and certain hobbies can raise a red flag to women if you lead with a discussion on them. For instance, while she may come to love your comic book interest, talking about Spiderman or Superman as you introduce yourself and ask her out may make her think that you are a bit more immature than you are. One of the reasons why women reject men is because they feel they are just not mature enough for them.

3. Unemployment: Women, in general, tend to want a man that could provide them if they had to. No, that does not mean that women want someone to pay for them and take care of them. But, women do tend to appreciate a man who would be able to care for them financially if they were unable to provide for themselves. Therefore, when a man says that he is unemployed or has no job, there is a red flag raised. This is one of the biggest reasons why women reject men because they feel that a lack of a job is a potential sign of laziness. Sure, unemployment happens through no fault of your own and life happens. But, do not be surprised if you get a “no” from her if you lead with the unemployment foot.

4. You Appear to Want One Thing: Another of the most common reasons why women reject men is because women feel like men want something different. For instance, if you are talking about sexual things and she wants a commitment, then it is likely that she will turn you down. The same is true if you come in to strong and she wants something casual. Try to read her body language and her reaction to your approach. If she is cringing with discomfort, chances are you are on two different sides of the coin. If she leans in, though, and seems more attentive, your proposal for a date is much more likely to be accepted.

5. She’s Just Not Interested: There are times through no fault of your own or hers for that matter that a woman will say no to you. Maybe she’s not interested in dating anyone because of her career, a recent breakup, or something else. Your advances—or anyone’s for that matter—would be rejected in this instance because she simply is not looking. Again, this is not wrong on her part or yours but is simply a fact of relationships and life.

 The Bottom Line

Women tend to be over-thinkers that analyze aspects of the world around them to the point of confusion. While not all women will reject men for the above reasons, these are among the most common given for turning a potential partner down.

Therefore, if you know you have been having no luck with the opposite sex and are frustrated with your inability to catch a break, knowing the common reasons why women reject men can help you to avoid the same mistakes.