Why You Need To Add Yoga In Your Kids’ Summer Schedule


Yoga has been proven to be an effective physical activity that is great for kids, too. If you are a parent looking for habits to instil in your child to promote a healthy lifestyle, kids yoga is something you should get in on. They can start with beginner yoga asanas like the cat pose, dog pose, tree pose, cobra pose, etc. Here is a list of reasons why you need to add yoga to your kids’ summer schedule right away:

  • Better Emotional Regulation: Having your kid’s practice yoga regularly is an excellent habit in terms of good emotional regulation. It prepares your child for the stress and hormonal changes that come with growth. Yoga helps calm down your mind and nervous system, develop mindful breathing practices that set the right path to effective stress control and better mental health. Yoga is also a great way to develop healthy sleeping patterns.
  • Enhances Cognitive Function: Yoga is known to get the blood flowing in your body, increasing oxygen levels a considerable amount. This leads to an increase in oxygen supply to the brain, improving reasoning skills, memory, etc. It is an excellent habit for kids to take up to shape up and expand their intellectual capacities.
  • Reduces Risk Of Health Condition: This is a significant benefit of kids yoga to reduce health risks. Developing healthy physical habits early on in their life will help them age well and live a healthy life. Yoga helps your heart pump blood faster and increase oxygen levels, reducing the risk of heart-related conditions. Better oxygen levels also improve lung function, improving respiration and keeping energy levels up.
  • Develops Strength And Flexibility: Yoga is all about stretching out your muscles with various asanas. Children already have more flexible bodies when compared to adults, but yoga helps them increase that flexibility and strengthen their muscles. It improves bone health and body posture from a young age.
  • Strengthens Intrapersonal Connection: Regular yoga will give your kid the space they need to focus on themselves and get rid of any intrusive thoughts. It’ll act as an early lesson in the importance of self-care and teach them how to care for themselves.
  • Builds Social Skills: While yoga is a fun individual activity, it can also be fun when done with a group. Signing yourself and your kid up for a yoga class is a great way to help them form a social circle. It is a fun way to help them break out of their shell while also developing healthy habits.

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