Your Guide to Halloween contact lenses for parties


Ever thought about dressing up all nice and participating in your local and national cosplay conventions? Or instead you are one of the Halloween crazies where creating a spooky master piece every year for Halloween? Or just a fancy dress for a party? In any case you have one solution for all to standout in every category and that is; fantasy and Halloween contact lenses.

Here we will be your guide to help you recreate your favourite TV characters from TV shows, movies and anime. If you have not yet decided on what Halloween contacts you are going to wear this year then we’ll give you the perfect tour to find the right fit for you. Or…

If you already know what you’re looking for, then feel free to jump right into our coloured and Halloween contact lenses website here.

The Best Fantasy Contact Lenses

The word fantasy takes us to different places in the world of Hollywood, there’s more than iconic movie and TV show and other franchises that comes to mind; The Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones or the Avengers. Not only do these films set in the iconic Middle Earth or the North Beyond the wall or takes us right in the middle of an alien invasion, they always have something for everyone when it comes to a thrilling science fiction scenario or a great fantasy tale, the costumes of the various characters are absolutely unbelievable.  

If you think you can easily pull off the spooky Orc costume or you can don the scarlet witch look, then head over to our website to find the right Halloween contact lenses for your fit. Don’t you forget about the white walkers. There are great options available for all


Fantasy Non Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses

Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones contact lenses  are more suited towards the diehard fans of the franchise, but some of you have got to be looking for Halloween contacts that give you a more innocent or simple look to enjoy your Halloween or cosplay convention in a rather simple way. Make sure to get your research on the money when it comes to Halloween costume ideas and matching contact lenses, you may think that you know all but going through some interesting ideas will never hurt your halloween or fancy dress parties. From the perfectly named Mad Hatter Contact lenses to even some of the peculiar novelty fun contact lenses for the different soldiers of the Queen of Hearts, there really is something amazing to be found in any character’s unique costume! 

Game Of Thrones Fantasy Eye Contacts

We have had a great experience discussing some of the Halloween outfits related to our favourite movies and TV shows, so why not take one of the shows and find the best costume fit for this year’s Halloween? Although we know that the awaited season 8 of Game of thrones didn’t turned out as it was expected but we this Halloween you have the chance to actually increase your GoT experience and remind everyone how great this show really is. No matter how it turned out you can always rock your cosplay costume with the new look Gregor Clegane in the second last episode of Game of Thrones or any of you young girls want you can take the whiteout contact lenses to mimic the blind Arya of way back in the TV show.

And how can we forget the Blue eyes of the white walker and their creepy snowy face for this year’s Halloween?

Absolutely, if you think you can rock the white walker costume this year, then the crazy blue coloured contact lenses for the whole 90 days are the right fit for you, you can also get prescription white walker lenses if you can’t get over the white walker craze. So watching how hot this costume is you can don this outfit and lenses for cosplay convention as it is still a hot choice. Get the Ice Walker contact lenses in different shade of their creepy blue eyes, these are great for a White Walker cosplay, and are also available in prescription varieties as mentioned earlier. But if you really want to put on display the full scale power of the Night King, you can get for yourself the Glowing Blue contact lenses to really boost up your Halloween and standout in the cosplay convention.

Make sure which ever contact lenses you buy, prescription or non prescription and disposable or non disposable, you take proper precaution before using them. If they are non-disposable then remember to immerse them in the solution to disinfect them before use. In case of disposable lenses use them once and after use throw them away properly. Remember, unless your lenses are extended ones you must not sleep while wearing them. Take them off before you get to bed and if you forget then immediately get your eyes inspected by the doctor.